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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 4 / 10 / 10

Mediocre, but you can do with far worse

Kung Fu Killer did seem interesting concept-wise and for the two most well-known stars of the mini-series David Carradine and Daryl Hannah. Execution-wise, Kung Fu Killer is very lacking and could have been much better but it isn't a complete waste of time. The best things about it are the scenery, the production design and Carradine. The scenery is absolutely gorgeous and makes you wish you were there, the production design and costumes are equally handsome and give a real sense of time and place and Carradine plays his role with authority and dignity. Anya is very charismatic as well, and while not as memorable Osric Chau is above average as well. The same cannot be said for Hannah though, whose role is almost completely needless and she looks disconnected throughout, she has also looked much better than she does here. The choreography and violence is well-choreographed and exciting on the most part, but more finesse in the editing and less of a hard-to-take approach would have been welcome, parts did feel very unsubtle and too much. While the scenery and production look great, the photography is murky and the editing isn't always completely smooth. The music is not sluggish or forgettable as such, in fact there are some memorable parts and there is a sense of tempo, but it has an oft tendency of drowning out the dialogue and could have been toned down more. The dialogue isn't really all that much to write home about, a lot of it is corny and simplistic with need of more flow. Outside the concept and some of the action sequences the story isn't really all that engaging, it could have done with more tension and heart and it does have a dull and meandering feel to it. There are worse characters around, however more time could have been spent with getting to know them and relate to their situation, Carradine's is an exception, and then there are others who are pretty much irrelevant especially Daryl Hannah's(essentially a love interest and nothing more). All in all, there's definitely worse but a rather mediocre mini-series. 4/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 4 / 10 / 10

Could have been so much more

Review of Part One: KUNG FU KILLER is a TV movie that seeks to win viewers by re-teaming two stars of Tarantino's KILL BILL films, David Carradine and Daryl Hannah. The result is a mostly unsuccessful little feature that lacks excitement or intrigue, happy instead to follow well-worn plot routes instead of carving out new territory. The biggest flaw with this film is the pacing. The film's frankly boring, a little action here and there not doing anything to change that. The film is book-ended by a couple of half-decent, large scale battles – owing much to the graphic climax of Stallone's RAMBO in terms of editing and choreography – but throughout the middle section, little occurs. David Carradine is playing pretty much the same character as he did in his television series KUNG FU, but he's a lot older here. Watching a guy in his 70s fight is not exactly something I enjoy doing, but Carradine acquits himself well and shows he's still got it. Sure, he's doubled on occasion, but I found his fight scenes more convincing than those in a recent Steven Seagal movie, for instance. The supporting cast don't make much of an impact, and Daryl Hannah, doing her own singing in the role of a, well, singer, is frankly terrible. KUNG FU KILLER's biggest strength is that it was actually filmed in China, so a lot of the scenery and locations are authentic. Sadly, these do little to distract from the ho-hum storyline. This was originally conceived of as a two-part miniseries, and a sequel, KUNG FU KILLER 2, follows the same characters in a new story. To add insult to injury, the version I saw was the heavily-edited children's version, which omits ALL of the graphic violence and bloodshed. This is another good reason for me not to like it. Review of Part Two: KUNG FU KILLER 2 is the second part of a miniseries that was broken down into two separate feature films for television release. The first in the series was a middling period martial arts would-be epic that had plenty of wasted potential; much the same can be said of the sequel. As the story kicked in I realised I was enjoying this a lot more than the first movie. There's a stronger storyline, even if it does follow the basic 'journey' template meted out by countless kung fu flicks of old, but it has incident, character, and extremely attractive surroundings. Added to that, the fight choreography seems slightly better and less choppy, too. Sadly, things fall apart in a big way at around the halfway mark, so much so that the film grinds to a halt and only lifts slightly for a lacklustre climax. There are heroes, villains, and some characters mid-way between the two, but by this time we can't really care about what's going on as the director has long before lost us. All of the first film's lead actors reprise their roles to middling effect, and of the new cast members, only Anya makes an impression as a layered villainess; she's great in the part. There isn't much of note here. Carradine hangs around and is surprisingly decent in the acting stakes, but he does little. Daryl Hannah is a complete waste of space, again. There are one or two genuinely decent fights, one or two bizarre interludes (such as the bits where the party fall foul of some killer courtesans and angry lepers), some lesbian undertones, and a muddled, gloomy ending. It's not absolutely awful, and the money's up on screen, but as with the first film, this could have been so much more.

Reviewed by Prismark10 4 / 10 / 10

Kung Fu Carradine

Kung Fu Killer stars David Carradine as another 'Caine' type character from his beloved Kung Fu series. The television movie is actually co-written by David Seidler who would go on to win an Oscar for Best Screenplay for his next film, The King's Speech. Carradine plays a Caucasian monk called Crane in Shanghai who infiltrates the criminal underworld to find the killers of his spiritual female Grandmaster and thus gain his vengeance. Carradine was rather long in the tooth for some of the martial arts scenes but he acquits himself well. He joins up in this film with his Kill Bill accomplice, Daryl Hannah who plays a nightclub singer and romantic interest. Hannah is rather wasted in the glamour role especially given how vicious and striking she was in Kill Bill. Carradine has enough charisma to keep us the audience interested, after all we end up reminiscing about his Kung Fu series from our boyhood. The television film has a few good set pieces, the plot is rather hokey and the film is rather pedestrian even dull in places.

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