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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fabreu 8 / 10 / 10

A good Scola and a great cast

Good opportunity to see once again Scola's great sense of criticism and love for Italian contemporary society, mixing in a tragicomic way politics, middle-age crisis, failing marriage, love, infidelity, suicide, friendship, the rôle of intellectuals. His great ensemble direction rivals Robert Altman's. And just have a look at that cast - Mastroianni (effective as always), Trintignant (always so surprising), Tognazzi (in charge of his difficult rôle), Gassman (what a superb actor!), Reggiani (moving), the lovely Stefania Sandrelli and a débutante very young Marie Trintignant. For those who like Italian cinema and politically oriented films with a touch of humor. 8/10

Reviewed by bob998 10 / 10 / 10

Long and not always on the mark

Ettore Scola seemed to epitomize Italian cinema in the 70's and early 80's. What great films he did: We All Loved Each Other so much, Ugly Dirty and Bad, A Special Day (for me it's Mastroianni's best), Passion of Love (incredible story of beauty and ugliness), Le Bal, etc. Where directors like Bertolucci and Bellochio seemed to lose their way in political argument, Scola stayed on his feet and created wonderful satires of bourgeois complacency. The Terrace is too long--almost three hours--and too loaded with characters to have much force. The political and social problems described here seem obscure and distant from us in time. The speech Mario gives to the PCI congress is well done (he's asking for forgiveness for his adultery with Giovanna) but hasn't much dramatic effect. Much better are the little touches: the elderly waiter dragging the wagon over the tile floor, making an awful screeching sound as Luigi and Carla dine; the workmen who reduce the size of Sergio's office in ten seconds flat--wonderful effect; Sergio trying to talk to the head of RAI in the latter's office, with the huge Grecian bust between them, very funny. I should point out that far too much of the comedy misses its mark and falls flat: I don't know what Scola was trying to do with Enrico's writer's block and the finger in the pencil sharpener. Marie Trintignant appears as eye candy throughout the film and serves no purpose in the story. If you choose to watch this, get ready to hit the fast forward button.

Reviewed by beto-19 10 / 10 / 10

It's a classic

Adorable, intelligent and politic driven movie. The best Italian director ever commands great actors and conducts the audience through a journey of passionate and bitter fellows who dare to fight for their beliefs. In La Terrazza there are some amazing speeches - which I don't recall exactly - about every human being's right to happiness and love. Maybe I liked it so much because I'm already a big fan of Ettore Scola. I also recommend his masterpieces "C'eravamo Tanto Amati" (the best Victorio Gassman performance) and "La Cena" (the last Gassman appearance).

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