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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by drjgardner 3 / 10 / 10

Limited audience appeal

As a comedy it's not very funny and as an adventure it doesn't keep you on the edge of your seat. It does have some charm to it, but the appeal seems more to the pre-teen group than to an adult audience. The principal actors (Fernando Colunga, Eduardo Yanez) will be familiar to audiences of the Mexican telenovelas, and the director Joe Menendez has a long time association with Disney. In many respects, the film itself is a blend of the novella with Disney. Ladrones" is a follow-up to Menendez' 2007 "Ladron que roba a ladron" which was a film about thieves stealing from thieves. Of course if you're looking for "heist" films, your best bets are "Snatch" (2000), "Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels" (1998), "Rififi" (1974), "The Thomas Crown Affair", "The Killing" (1956), "The Usual Suspects" (1995) and "Reservoir Dogs" (1992)

Reviewed by tprspan 5 / 10 / 10

This film is disappointing

First I have to say that I was a big fan of the first of these two heist flicks, "Ladrón que roba a ladrón". And I know that generally the sequel is never as good as the original, but "Ladrones" was several notches below the first. In this one everything almost seems rushed, thrown together, and forced. There seemed to be almost no character development, as with the so called "bad guys" for example. The film basically explained that they were bad, and then they just appear, and basically do nothing right, or wrong. They are just around. A big elaborate scheme is developed to steal back a property deed from behind a painting on a wall of a hotel room, which maybe would work as a small part of the film, or in a Three Stooges episode, but as the main objective? It just does not come together. In the first film, the heist objective is millions of dollars hidden in a secure vault of a mansion, and the thieves have to figure out how to get it. That was in itself intriguing, but a deed behind a picture frame that is somehow guarded by a mysterious electrical force field? Very lame. To be fair, I did laugh at a few scenes. But I don't think that I laughed at a single gag in the scene where the main plotters of the heist were auditioning for potential helpers. And most of the film was like that, a laugh here and there, but there were long stretches where there were supposed to be funny scenes, and they just came off badly. As for the acting, Colunga was good, Varoni not bad, although he has very few scenes, and Yañez was bad(on purpose?). And Oscar Torre, who was very funny in the first film as a bumbling Cuban wannabe actor, is totally not funny in this one. He has scenes, but his talents were not used well at all. I want to recommend it as I love good Spanish language films, and very few Spanish language films are shown in my area. But honestly, this is not a good film.

Reviewed by subxerogravity 5 / 10 / 10

It had potential but it turned out to be very bland.

I'm not familiar with Mexican Cinema, but from what I herd the two main actors in the movie are superstars in the country (maybe that's how it got into theaters) They play two Robin Hood like thieves who team up to get back some stolen land in a small town in Texas that was taken by a business woman whose family stole it 166 years ago. The movie was an interesting combo of feeling like a western and a heist movie combine. It has it's moments of funny and does pull on the heart strings just a little. But the whole thing felt far too generic at points in the formula. You can see that they could have made it more interesting, but for the most part, they just went by the numbers. Plus selling itself as an action comedy is a little misleading, unless things are done differently in Mexico. They're a lot of better heist movies to watch than this one.

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