Last Chance Cafe


Crime / Family / Romance / Thriller

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November 11, 2020



Jay Brazeau as Dr. Jamison
Kate Vernon as Kaye
Kevin Sorbo as Producer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by asandlin 10 / 10 / 10

Great Movie

The movie was great. Two thumbs up. Kevin Zorbo was wonderful as the rancher Chance Coulter. He is still hot! He still makes a great hero. Kate Vernon did a great job as the mysterious woman, Hallie Boyer, in trouble, and Jessica Amlee, who played her young daughter, Kiley, did a good job too. I really liked the Last Chance Cafe owner, Madege Beardsley, played by Samantha Ferris. I love romance stories with happy endings and this movie fits the bill. I believe anyone who watches it will agree that it is a wonderful romantic story. I plan to watch it again the next time it comes on t.v. and if they put it on DVD will definitely buy it. I would like to read the book too. I hope to see Kevin Zorbo in more films like this.

Reviewed by renee0521 2 / 10 / 10

Wonderful movie!

I really enjoyed this movie. Kevin brought the character of Chance to life,so much so that you actually believed he was the character. Kate Vernon was good as Hallie,and I really loved the cafe owner,Madge. I haven't read the book, but want to. I hope Kevin can get more wonderful roles like this in the future. I highly recommend that you see this movie the next time it is aired. When it comes out on DVD,I will buy it. It was great seeing Kevin in a role like this,as the romantic leading man-it fits him perfectly. The author of the book,Linda Lael Miller,knew exactly what she was talking about when she said she was impressed with Kevin. Kevin is a wonderful actor,and this movie proves it!

Reviewed by susanmc713 2 / 10 / 10

Sorbo only saving grace

Kevin Sorbo is the only saving grace of this movie. Somehow he manages to do an acceptable job of acting, in spite of a stupid plot, a horrible script, and a co-star that can't act. How 14 people could give this movie a rating of 10 is beyond me. This movie is basically a badly written dime store romance novel---extremely predictable and hard to watch (except, of course, for Sorbo). You can see him struggle with some of the more ridiculous lines, but generally he somehow manages to pull it off and even makes certain parts believable. However, again, in general, it's not worth watching (unless, of course, it is 3AM and there is nothing else to watch... which is how I got stuck watching it to the end).

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