Last Chance for Christmas

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Gabriel Hogan as Norman Rhodes
Hilarie Burton as Krissy Kringle
Lola Flanery as Jenna
Tim Matheson as The President
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Christmas-Reviewer 6 / 10 / 10

Frankie The Substitute Reindeer

Prancer is in need of some hoof repair. When Santa's stable hand, John Stockman, informs him that there is a crack in Prancer's hoof, Santa is immediately alarmed since that means that he won't be able to fly. Not delivering the toys in time for Christmas is not an option, so Santa insists that John find a replacement. Things are looking up for John when he comes across Frankie, a beautiful reindeer that belongs to a charming 8-year-old girl. Now, John just has to convince the little girl's mother, Annie, to allow him to use Frankie as a sub. Convincing Annie to allow him to take Frankie up to the North Pole is not as easy as he thinks. Not the Best Christmas film you will see but not the worse. Small children might enjoy this. The film isn't boring. The cast is enjoyable. I would not go out of my way to see it again but I wouldn't ever ruling out watching it again.

Reviewed by gehewe 3 / 10 / 10

Take a Chance and Watch Last Chance for Christmas

This was a Lifetime Christmas movie in 2015. Gabe Hogan (Heartland's Peter) and Hilarie Burton were a good pair for the leads and the little girl was adorable. They did a good job in matching the pair. The interaction of Hogan and the little girl was well done. Burton was in Christmas in the Bayou-2013 and I thought the black hair and outfits made her look better here. Great to see Jayne Eastwood playing a rather different kind of Mrs Claus (we've seen her in many shows and she's always good). Yes I spotted Derek McGrath (Dr Hebert on Doc) as Santa. Two elves and a pilot provided some great humor. There was not really a dull moment in this movie. Really didn't think the movie would be this good. It was funny in parts as well, even though it was not listed as a Comedy. Enjoyed the reindeer. Here are a few criticisms. This is supposed to be taking place in Alaska at Christmas. I have never been there, but isn't daylight kind of scarce that time of year? We had lots of daylight in this movie. Yes, the great reindeer preserve is a small pen of 12 reindeer you feed a handful of hay to. It was OK though.

Reviewed by Whitneywest10 3 / 10 / 10

Off the mark.

I love me some Hilarie Burton which is the only reason I suffered through this entire movie but nit even she could save this. It was pretty bad but the nail in the coffin was Mrs. Claus. SHE STOLE A REINDEER! Mrs. Claus isn't supposed to act the way this one did. No, thank you. Lifetime usually hits it out of the park but this was a huge miss for me.

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