Last Flight


Action / Horror / Thriller

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November 7, 2021



Ed Westwick as Charles Gillis
Zhu Zhu as Luo Lan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Craig-48-458118 1 / 10 / 10

So bad it's bad

Lasted a full 15 minutes of this utter tripe. A 747 with 4 crew and 9 passengers - so very very bad

Reviewed by iwndev 1 / 10 / 10

Awful but...

Ed Westwick is so good even if this movie sucks. I see some good emotional part between pilot and flight attendant. It's cliche but remains cute, the rest was dramatic scifi, fake effects, nonsence scenes and zero fear. I'm sorry!

Reviewed by monto 1 / 10 / 10

Awful. Poor attempt at flight "horror" -- "Snakes on a Plane" without the camp or humor

Bilingual (English/Mandarin) Chinese production of a horror/thriller set on an overseas flight, as those on board start mysteriously dying off one by one with gruesome scratch marks, by and large in real-time. Filled with one-dimensional characters and clichéd tropes like the newly separated romantic pairing who still have to work together, the snobbish first class couple with only disdain for everything and everyone, the cocky jock who ribs his faithful friend the gentle nerd, the blind prescient woman who everyone ignores due to her "craziness" but apparently sees all... The list goes on and on, all with cheeky dialogue borrowed from the worst of TV soap operas. It was wholly unbelievable to see almost all the actors being under age 30 who, although present plenty of eye-candy, nowhere nearly resemble a representative flight audience and the supposedly complex characters they are portraying. Frankly this would have never gotten funding to be made in the US, certainly not without substantial rewriting. The idea of a movie set almost entirely on a plane is inherently a challenging subject, much less a genre film like this. Even with moderately well schemed plots and seasoned veteran actors, we can only hope for the likes of thrillers like Non-Stop and Air Force One. Or perhaps, with reality largely thrown out the door, we expect the camp and over-the- top fantasy that is Snakes on a Plane. Last Flight falls very much short of anything and everything. Very disappointing.

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