Latter Days


Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Erik Palladino as Keith Griffin
Jason-Shane Scott as Christian's Sublet
Jim Ortlieb as Brother Farron Davis
Steve Sandvoss as Elder Aaron Davis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkoganbing 7 / 10 / 10

Being Gay and a Mormon

When I lived in New York City one of my close friends was a lapsed Mormon. He discovered he was gay as a teen and cut all ties between himself and his family by mutual consent. He worked first as a dancer and later as a makeup artist. My friend was from the Las Vegas area and his partner was a New York City person. Later he did contract AIDS and did die in 1991. There was no effort by the family to even acknowledge him. His partner who also had the virus had the expense of burying him which a group of friends helped him with. And when his partner died in 1993 there was no mention of the lover who passed on at the service that his family held. Watching this film so reminded me of my friends Kim Sherwood and Paul Pastorella. Kim came to grips with his sexuality early on so unlike the character Aaron, he was never that involved with the Church of Latter Day Saints in that manner. And he was in fact more of a party animal like the Christian character. At least when I knew him. But both of my friends Paul and Kim had each other and that was enough. And like Aaron and Christian they had a circle of sustaining friends. You could see at the end of the film Aaron and Christian had developed such a circle. Aaron was in a church that certainly had one of the strictest disciplines going in the Christian world. The family that Christian described may have been more secular, but not any less homophobic. It's the homophobic cultural values that nearly smothers both of them. One scene I particularly liked was the ex-communication church trial that Aaron was subjected to when his homosexuality was discovered. Aaron made the Elders most uncomfortable by pointing out the polygamous lifestyle that their ancestors had. Certainly an alternative lifestyle back then. In fact until the LDS church changed its teachings on polygamy, Utah could not gain admission to the United States until 1897. The issue is still being debated today in some quarters. Latter days is a poignant and tender gay love story. Both Aaron and Christian through exposure to each other grew as people as they grew in their love. Kudos to Steve Sandvoss as Aaron, Wes Ramsey as Christian and the rest of the cast and this film ought to be required viewing for all of us, but especially the young.

Reviewed by moonspinner55 7 / 10 / 10

Facile pandering paints everything as black or white, good or evil...

Surprisingly affecting gay-themed drama about the meeting of a young, handsome Mormon Missionary and a young, handsome gay party boy. Still, it's a slight, low-budget effort with variable performances that isn't really interested in exploring the subtext of the material too closely; what it really wants is to delay the sexual chemistry until just the right 'wrong moment'. Mary Kay Place, as the Missionary's mother, gives really the only performance of note here; Jacqueline Bisset, still attractive, has a terrible, Garboesque crying scene wrapped up in a shawl, but she's finally given a moment or two to shine near the end. The movie dabbles ever-so-fleetingly in provocative issues, but its theme is really too courageous (and touchy) for anything serious or substantial to be done justice here. ** from ****

Reviewed by wes-connors 7 / 10 / 10

The Prayer and the Player from Hell

"From C. Jay Cox, the writer of the hit comedy 'Sweet Home Alabama', comes a heartwarming and tender gay romantic drama that combines laughs, seduction, tears, and plenty of romance. The handsome Aaron (Steve Sandvoss), a Mormon missionary, travels door-to-door in Los Angeles spreading the word of his religion. Christian (Wes Ramsey), a cute West Hollywood party boy, goes from man-to-man without much commitment. Opposites attract when Aaron and Christian meet, and sparks begin to fly. "Featuring two star-making performances from Sandvoss and Ramsey, the film also features a terrific supporting cast including Mary Kay Place, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and international screen legend Jacqueline Bisset," according to the DVD sleeve description. Not to mention some sweet vocalizations from Rebekah Jordan (as Julie), the stock sympathetic roommate. Debuting director Cox turns his otherwise ordinary "Latter Days" into a enjoyable and touching drama, due to some story surprises and an engaging team. ******* Latter Days (7/10/03) C. Jay Cox ~ Steve Sandvoss, Wes Ramsey, Jacqueline Bisset, Joseph Gordon-Levitt

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