Le Chef


Comedy / Drama

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Jean Reno as Hubert Fiorentini
Michaël Youn as Poisson des Sables
Santiago Segura as Camillero
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chatbada 7 / 10 / 10

a simple but refreshing comedy

Of course, don't expect here a masterpiece or any attempt to make an original plot or anything like that : this is a mainstream production, and all we should expect from it, is just to be funny, well-done, and without bad taste ingredients. And so it is. A simple comedy, gentle, with a good rhythm, and nice characters. In fact, not only the main characters are good here, but everybody is, and the supporting actors here have their place, and contribute to our pleasure. Jean Reno and Michaël Youn compose a nice duet. There's not much that I can add. Except that even if everything was easily expect regarding the plot, what is never obvious to expect is that we'd have such a very good time.

Reviewed by kloklo_87 8 / 10 / 10

It doesn't simply deliver, it serves with elegance!

I've watched countless french movies and with a mother who actually lived in France for many many years it's customary to watch one together in the cinema instead on DVD. This time we made an excellent choice. It was refreshing, with smart dialogues and hilarious moments. It brought something of when everything is evolving in this world will the French cuisine take the challenge or does it even worth to try? Mu mother enjoyed it immensely and she would know having watched French's cinema finest.... As for me... I haven't laughed so since TV5 had la poison 1951 at its schedule! And as an extra treat was the lack of plot holes or nothing I noticed anyway (and believe me that'a quite hard)

Reviewed by vintkd 8 / 10 / 10

You will can go crazy particularly if you hungry!!!!

It's very kind and nice French comedy with original plot and remarkable actors. I like films about food and different cuisines like "Julie & Julia", "Ratatouille" or "No Reservations" and if you like such films too, you'll should be watch to "Comme un chef" without fail. This film has the many such delicious and beautiful dishes with very attractive titles, that you will can go crazy particularly if you hungry. I like Jean Reno in comedian roles and here he is very funny and and as always a great. And also I fell in love French actress Raphaëlle Agogué, she is inexpressible beautiful. "Comme un chef" is very good film for watching with the loved one in the nice romantic evening, it will be raise you mood, without a doubt.

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