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Finn Jones as Teddy
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Stephen Dorff as Cmdr. Richard Burke
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by reb2014 5 / 10 / 10


If there's one thing that I hate, it's a blatant cash grab. The next thing I hate is explanations. Why do we need to know how Leatherface came to be? Is it SO bad, to have an evil character with no explanation as to why? Can't a character just be pure evil? Like Dr Loomis refers to Michael Myers in the Halloween movies, "purely and simply evil." Hence, the cash grab. While I realize that there are a finite amount of stories that can be told, I would much rather see another good blood spattering adventure of Leatherface and company, than a prequel where so much has to be shoehorned in to the Leatherface history and continuity. Especially when it changes how we, as the audience, view the character.

Reviewed by gabeggg-99516 4 / 10 / 10

Its okay as long as you know what you're getting into

So first just to inform you where it fits in the confusing timeline, this movie is a prequel to the origonal 1973 TCM. Also it has nothing to do with the remake and "TCM: the beginning". So with that aside the biggest thing to bring up is the storytelling/plot and characters. The first 30 minutes was rough when it came to this. It was difficult at times to figure out which characters were important and it spent time on a few dull and static characters who you never see again while other characters who are more relevent got less attention. But this was not much of a problem when it got started. Next it is not a slasher film like the other films more of a thriller. It did have a few gory and slasher like moments throughout. But was more focused on how leatherface became leatherface not who leatherface is. Now finnaly I just want to say for being the 8th entry in a horror franchise it is a good movie. But as an attempt at a prequel to a horror classic it does not completely satisfy this role although is a good attempt. It just feels too distant from the 1973 origonal movie and I felt they could have done a better job at this as it would nearly be better as its own movie. But it still has its fun moments and is for sure worthwhile for any fans of the TCM franchiese.

Reviewed by jadavix 4 / 10 / 10

Confusing mess

"Leatherface" and "The Belko Experiment" are two recent horror flicks I've seen that have made me wonder if horror movies have run out of ideas in regard to the creative depiction of violence. Perhaps the torture porn trend (which seems to be over?) just exhausted every possible thing that knives, shards of glass, bullets, chainsaws, needles, axes and blunt instruments can do to the human body. Sure, these movies are still violent, but there's nothing in them you haven't seen before, and nothing to make you cringe. The plot of this one is quite confusingly told. It's a mess. The focal point keeps changing. The movie features a huge boy with long hair in ringlets who could indeed pass for a young Gunnar Hansen - and yet this is not the eponymous Leatherface? The one who ends up wielding the chainsaw is some other guy who is nothing like Hansen, and nor does he have an intimidating, or even interesting, presence. Did they throw the big guy in to confuse us? Why? What does that add to the experience? The plot is your typical "innocent kidnapped by psychos on the run" tale. The only difference is that this one isn't even good enough to make clear who the psychos are, and thus it has absolutely no suspense. Stephen Dorff is adequate as a sadistic sheriff - but then he becomes a good guy, and the movie cuts back to other, lesser bad guys you can't take seriously. Lili Taylor is a great actress who could have been evil incarnate as the matriarch of the evil Sawyer clan, but she doesn't get enough screen time, or do enough when she is on screen to justify her presence in this schlock. The more I think about it, the more I realise that that's the problem with "Leatherface": at least three actors who had it in them to play evil on the big screen (Dorff, Taylor, and the big boy) - and yet the movie keeps pulling the rug out from under them and giving the best roles and lines to lesser actors who can't handle it anywhere near as well. The guys who made this don't have a clue.

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