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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hellerfranz 8 / 10 / 10

Funny and entertaining as usual

It's nice to see that the quality of the movies remains on a very high level. Characters evolve and this time there is more crime story in it than in parts before. Hard to understand for an international audience, since the Bavarian slang is hard to translate. I recommend subtitles if available. Never boring and some big laughs made me excited for the upcoming movie (2020?)

Reviewed by kosmasp 8 / 10 / 10

Another day, another crime

It is tough to guess how this may play out, if you are not aware of the previous movies that have been made. Then again those who have read the novels may feel the same when it comes to those who only know the movies (I am being one of the just movie watchers). I heard from those people that the books have some extra juice which is not surprising, considering the big history of novels translated to movies. But back to this and back to our beloved characters. We know them and we love them, with all their flaws and faults. Our main character still reluctantly doing police work. Only thing he is more reluctant at is his relationship to his girlfriend and their child. The movie is really a lot of fun and if this is the last of them (certain things point to that), it would be a worthy ending ... if not, I'm happy to see more (mis)adventures!

Reviewed by Horst_In_Translation 8 / 10 / 10

The series continues better than ever

"Leberkäsjunkie" (almost impossible to translate) is a German theatrical release from 2019, so a pretty new movie for sure and maybe if you have come to this page, then you already recognize the characters on the poster here as what we have here is already the 6th or 7th installment in this series that is a mix of comedy and crime. Honestly, German comedies are really not at their best right now with a lot of garbage stuff that still draws audiences into theaters. Now I am not sure how commercially successful this one is, but it sure is of really nice quality. I think I have seen all from the Eberhofer (Bezzel) series except one. I am not really sure. Anyway, as always this one runs for 90 minutes and the writer and director is Ed Herzog. Never change a winning team you could say,, so it is no surprise that the cast includes a handful of familiar gaces from the previous movies, not just Bezzel, but also the one who plays his character's grandmother, his father the townsfolk etc. And of course Simon Schwarz is in here again too. Takes a while until he shows up this time, but when he does he is pure comedy gold as always. Even if this film somewhat adjusts to the politically correct mainstream message in the media, it still delivers with its politically incorrect humor on many occasions. One example would be early on when we see a heavily burned corpse and the pathologist jokes around à la this is not the usual roasted pork etc. But the best moment or I should say the one when I laughed the most was when they included a German proverb that is something along the lines of not letting one's head hang in the sense of not giving up and the guy who is taken away by police (not a native) thinks he is in danger to be hung and a wild struggle ensues. Just my kind of humor. Lovely. I could mention 20 other funny moments, this film had them all really. And still it never manages to really offend anybody. I mean the very first moment is already comedy gold, the faces of the guys when the protagonist is really about to party hard. Now lets go a bit into detail. The crime case is okay and it is certainly an irony that Schwarz' character was correct with the person he thought did it, even if the reason was completely different. Oh yeah, Stadlober is in this one too. He as a big star in Germany when younger. I have never been a big fan though. I actually kinda liked his moment when he goes out of the window. It seemed kinda artistic fittingly to his Lee-Strasberg reference, even if he really messed up there. But good they did not go for something where he tries to attack the other cop too when he enters. It was funny enough already how he has no bullets in his gun when trying to shoot open the lock, how he fails to kick it open and fails to open it by jumping against it shoulder-first. Pretty hilarious. All the characters bring their own brand of comedy and it's great to see this film that does not take itself seriously one bit. Everybody is flawed. Very. But still somewhat likable. I mean even the ones who have little screen time. The mother of the little child could have vanished from the movie when bringing the kid to his dad early on, but instead we see her party when she said she would really study and she ends up in bed again on several occasions with the main character asking the baby boy for her g-string. Pretty big jump in story anyway. I think in the previous film, a lot of the story was about her staying with him despite another suitor. And there was no child either. And now they are parents, have split - a lot happened. Oh well, at the end it seems they are together again. Oh yeah also a honorable mention to the soundtrack. It was just like it should be. The western-style music à la Morricone at the end when he fails so hard with the door was hilarious too. Honestly, I may have been a bit too generous with my rating here. It is not one of the defining films by any means from this year. But it is pretty enjoyable without a doubt and I am not sure if it is better than all the previous entries, but it is impressive how after so many years of prolific releases, basically one per year, they still come up with excellent quality like this, so the 4 stars out of 5 are thoroughly deserved. Also really noce how they elaborated on the main character bad physical state without really making this dramatic, but just funny with the green food he had to eat and how he constantly eats unhealthy food secretly. It may be bad for many dogs that die in movies. This one here does not, but instead it gets the disgusting vegetable food none of the humans wants to eat. Not a better fate either I guess. All in all, a big thumbs-up for this one from me. It's tough to find something negative for me here, maybe the final toy car race did not do too much for me and better closure to the movie would have been nice or the involvement of the evil Constantin Film I could criticize too. But you see I really have to dig deep there. Go see it, preferrably at the theater, so they make a lot of money and hopefully another 6 of these films will follow. I liked how full the room was during my showing. Didn't expect that, but everybody clearly had a good time and it was at least one good joke every 2 minutes, maybe even 1. Don't miss out.

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