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Reviewed by hellraiser7 10 / 10 / 10

Legnedary Adventure

Fantasy stories were always my favorate kinds of stories but they are also the darkest of stories as each of them contain rather dark undertones but are always about the forces of good and evil clashing. These things are always there because they are a part of life, it doesn't mater whether you believe the legends or not, the existence of good and evil will still be there. This film another one of my favorate fantasy films, it's also another one of my childhood gems. As I stated before as a kid I love fantasy, I loved listening to Grimm's Fairy Tales from my mom, seeing this film it was one hell of a fairy tale. However this isn't a fairy tale for kids entirely but it's one that is for teens and adults, which give the film greater accessability. The production value is just supurb it is just a feast for the eyes, as most to all this was done within a studio which is great and kinda a lost practice in most films. I really love all the set pieces from the forest land down to Darkness's hellish fortress which are all practical, no CGI bullcrap; the world is made so well it really looks like a place that could of existed. The make up work great done by my favorate make up effects artist Rob Botin, the creatures as well as Darkness look real almost like they could exist. The music score is supurb as it's a mix from both Tangerine Dream and my favorate composer Jerry Goldsmith, there are lots of memorable tracks . Action is decent which I'll admit one weak point in the film for me I honestly felt the choigraphy could of been better or a bit longer, but all the same there are some good scuffles like a fight in the kitchen as well as the sword fight between Jack and Darkness which was cool. Characters are soild, Tom Cruse is soild as Jack whom is sort of Tarzan like character just like Tarzan has lived in and with nature so his contact with the outside is limited except for Princess Lily. Mia Sara whom I think is a bit of an underrated actress is soild in this role. Both have a pretty good back and forth, it's true it's not a deep romance, fairy tales were never really known for that what are you going to do. Both have one thing in common as both are naïve as both despite how much in touch they are in the two different worlds they are from and inhabit they are also out of touch with those worlds and the darkness that lies within. However the best character and my favorate in the film as well as one of my favorate fictional villians is Darkness whom is played by my favorate actor Tim Curry. The make up and costume work of the Darkness is just supurb as it is spot on to the Devil figure known from the old legends. He is just an intimidating and slightly terrorfying figure from both his physicality and that commanding voice, I'll admit just looking at the guy as well as hearing his voice made me really nervious as a kid. But what makes the character stand out is that despite what he's suppose to represent there are shades of grey. In his mind he doesn't see himself as evil he never even mentions it once. Despite his hatred for the sunshine he longs to walk and be a part and inherit that world which he has been denyed access to; and we see he's going to do it one way or another. What makes Darkness also interesting is in a way he sort of a dark mirror, most of what he says and feels are is sort of what we all sometimes feel deep inside everyday even when we don't want to admit it. On one hand the film is pretty much a straight forward fantasy adventure which is fine by me, most of the time that's how I like most stories. But on the other hand the film does have some deep substance which complicates the story but in a good way, because it keeps itself simple but at the same time not so much. I really like how the film has some underlying tones of coming of age and the loss of innocence which is reflected in both the fantasy world and both Jack and Lilly, as we see the beautiful fantasy realm turned into a dark forboding icy hell. There is even a beautiful dance scene where Lily is dancing with a dark figure and then suddenly both become one basically Lily's loss of innocence ( on a side note I'll admit Lily looks a lot better that way, what can I say I have a think for girls in black and goths). There's kinda some biblical aligory, in a way you can says Jack and Lily are like Adam and Eve, and the fact that the land has turned is much like Adam and Eve's fall from grace. But also some philosophical territory on the perception of good and evil. Most of what Darkness says as well as a great final monologue at the end really makes you think because there is truth to it, what is it that really creates and cements the existence of good, can good really exist without the other? What truly makes a person good or evil are we ever really one or the other, or are we just a mixture of both walking a razors edge thoughout a dangerous existance? And even if evil is vanquished is it ever truly gone? Like any great legendary story it won't be forgotten. Rating: 4 stars

Reviewed by Eddie Cantillo 5 / 10 / 10

Legend (1985)

Legend (1985) Starring: Tom Cruise, Mia Sara, Tim Curry, David Bennent, Alice Playten, Billy Barty, Cork Hubbert, Peter O'Farrell, Kiran Shah, Annabelle Lanyon, Robert Picardo, Tina Martin, Ian Longmur, Mike Crane, Liz Gilbert, Eddie Powell, and Mike Edmonds Directed By: Ridley Scott Review (Directors Cut) THERE MAY NEVER BE ANOTHER DAWN ADVENTURE HAS GOT YOUR BACK After his success with Alien and Blade Runner Ridley Scott wanted to do a fairy tale movie. Ridley Scott hired writer William Hjortsberg, being a fan of his work. Ridley Scott credit aside from direction was that he mostly wanted there to be a unicorn and for the villain to be named Darkness. Legend revolves around Jack who must stop Darkness, for darkness plans to kill the second unicorn so that he may come out of his dungeon. Princess Lily was shown the unicorns by Jack, she touched one and has unwittingly led the unicorn to its death due to her innocence. She is kidnapped with the second unicorn, now her friend Jack with the help of Gump and screwball must save the unicorn and her or the land may plunge into an eternal darkness. They shot this film in a 007 stage in pinewood studios so they could achieve the lighting for Scott's vision, the trees are mostly made out of plastoid Styrofoam and the set was extended with mirrors. The direction and production are what help make this movie give it that enchanting fairy-tale feel. Ridley even brought the fairy-tale genre back to its roots with this film in the beginning when we meet Jack and Lilly the lighting which he wanted shows the child-like innocence within most fairy-tales you see in Disney films but as the film progresses it shows off its dark and Grimm aesthetics. Assheton Gordon's (production designer) set also had real tress and birds, with the noise inside it made it so difficult to record the dialogue and so some of the lines had to be dubbed which can be off putting for some people but it didn't bother me because when it is quite noticeable in the scene in which Lily is crying her facial expression says it all. But it did not work in Tom's favor when he was with the wounded unicorn. Mia Sara and Tim Curry as Princess Lily and Darkness are my two favorite actors/characters in the film. At one point the stage caught fire and the 007 stage burnt down. Luckily it was rebuilt in 1985. The story is very simple and is full of action, adventure, horror, romance and suspense. The movie mostly focuses on Jack, Lily, and Darkness as you can imagine by my synopsis. There are four cuts to this film, this is the only I have or ever will see. Because it doesn't contain the tangerine dream musical score and Darkness is hidden throughout most of the movie making his reveal that much more of a surprise. Rob Bottin who worked on the Thing 1982 had the difficult task of visualizing all the creatures in the world of Legend. Ridley wanted the character of Darkness to be sexy but also half goat, Rob felt there hadn't been a definitive version of the devil on screen and he clearly succeed with his creation. this is my favorite of his work. If anything because of how intimidating Tim was behind all that makeup. The music of the film is quite lovely and creates a transcendent and child-like feel for the film. Jerry Goldsmith's that is, I did not hear the tangerine dream music. But if there is one piece of music from the theatrical cut of this film that I did listen to its Bryan Ferry's "Is Your Love Strong Enough". I saw it on the back of the cover under bonus features and was curious by the song title and Gave it a listen. I love that song, it may be, no it is my favorite love song. Legend in my eyes is a masterpiece, while I may agree it has weakness's the film is a deeply entrancing experience that make up for what I consider to be the ultimate fantasy film. I know for a fact that this is a film I will be re-visiting very often and I do recommend you give it a watch (both versions) but decide which version is your favorite. I'm giving Legend a 10 out of 10.

Reviewed by slightlymad22 5 / 10 / 10


Legend (1985) Plot In A Paragraph: Darkness (Tim Curry) plans to plunge a strange land into eternal night, by killing every unicorn in the world. Jack (Cruise) and his friends will do everything to save the world and princess Lilly (Mia Sara) who Darkness intends to make his wife from the hands of the evil monster. After releasing 4 movies in 1983, Cruise signed up for a big budget fantasy movie directed by Ridley Scott which wasn't released in the United States until 1986. Legend fails on just about every level for me. It just does not work. OK the sets are well done and I bet it looked great on the big screen back in 1985. Its no surprise gives director Ridley Scott is a perfectionist, who often goes to great leangths to make sure things look just right. But I'm not sure the movie knows what it wants to be. It plays like a Childs fairytale, but is just too dull and dreary to hold your attention. We have the great Tim Curry, under so much make up he could be played by anyone. Likewise our hero Jack, this is the dullest performance from Cruise so far. The charisma and personality he showed it his last movies is absent here. Mia Sara (whom I love in Ferris Bueller) is bland beyond belief. I didn't really care about anything that was happening in this movie, and it's a safe bet I'll probably never watch it again. Legend tanked at the box office grossing only $15 million at the domestic box office, on a budget of approx $24 million, to end the year the 56th highest grossing movie of 1986. Cruise disliked this movie so much, he often refused to talk about it for years. I doubt this movies failure bothered Cruise for long though, as a month after this opened, he was soaring to the top of the box office.

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