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Kevin Michael Richardson as Cheeks / Ray Ray
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rdatsun 8 / 10 / 10

An excellent swan song to the TV series.

When the L&S movie came out way back in 2002, I didn't really think much of it other then the fact that is was different from the usual Disney fare (Fairy tales, etc) not to mention wholly original. However ironically I wouldn't get on the fan wagon until the TV series to which I then watched the movie. Granted they were two completely different monsters with the series focusing more on adventure but still I dug it for what it was and enjoyed the expansions of all the characters within (save for Cobra Bubbles whose VA couldn't be bothered). But alas it's the end of the line now as the L&S series takes it final bow with its fourth (Yes FOURTH) and final movie in the series that wraps everything up…and actually does it quite nicely. Premise: The 626 experiments from the TV series have all been caught, reformed and been given their one true place on Earth. As such Lilo, Snitch, Pleakly and Jumba are regarded as heroes but what more surprising the latter three have now been given a chance to leave Earth and find their own true places as well, but of course this mean they'll have to leave Lilo and Nani behind. If that wasn't bad enough, Hamsterviel (the main thorn in our heroes side since Stitch the Movie) has once again escaped from prison with yet another fiendish plan of his own that involving making a duplicate of our favorite blue koala looking alien only of course evil and then trying to conquer the universe. Can Stitch, Lilo and their ohana stop him? To say the least the movie wraps things very well with a few shade of the themes from the first film (though not as heavy handed) and actually falls back on continuity of the series for fans of it though you don't have to watch it to truly understand all of it. Plus we get some rather cool battles as well, nothing mind blowing but still enough to whet your appetite. Whats even better we get to see all the experiments (even some that wasn't featured in the series) take a quick spotlight role especially near the end when everything hits the fan. So fans of the series(myself included) shouldn't be disappointed here. The only downsides I can think of is some issues not getting resolved ranging from minor (Do Nani and David ever really get together?) to major (Lilo and Myrtle's platonic friendship which was barely touched upon in this film. In fact I thought the latter's involvement in the film was kinda tacked on. And why aren't there more scenes of Victoria or the "Yeah" girls, there're just a part of this as Myrtle is?) But other then those issue, there not much to complain about. Overall is a nice send off to a very great franchise and fans of the series shouldn't be disappointed. I'll admit am gonna miss this series but then again, going off by the ending of the movie, we may not have heard the last of the quirky little Hawaiian girl and her "mutant" dog ;).

Reviewed by zakima2 7 / 10 / 10

Leory and Stitch Not that Bad

This is a great follow up to the series, we get to see all the experiments in a flash cameo. The animation was good, not up to snuff with the original film, however much better than Stitch The Movie! This is set after the series, when all 625 experiments are captured and turned from bad to good. The Grand Council Woman gives Lilo Stitch , Pleaky and Jumba jobs in fields they feel they are best in, which splits apart the ohanna. Jumba back at the Lab, Pleakly a non teaching teacher at GCAC, Stitch now has Gantu's job and Lilo is sole protector of all the experiments. The jobs are what they want but this little family can't stay apart forever as a new experiment, experiment 629 is created by Jumba by force of Dr. Hampsterwheel. The film comes to a show stomping show down when all 626 experiments take on all 100,000 Leroys which were cloned by Hampsterwheel. This is a film that wraps up the Lilo and Stitch Series nicely. This film gets an 8 out of 10 from me, only because it is ending the series. However another movie would be great, as David and Nani are still not married and we all know they belong together.

Reviewed by barrys82 7 / 10 / 10

better than expected

It was good, trying to follow the same formula as the previous movies, but I feel they didn't get it completely. The story is decent and with some funny moments but also I feel that they were just recycling and repeating the previous movies stories. The plot was decent and convincing with a very good rhythm. I like the music very much and the animation was great as it is always on Disney's movies. The cast of voices was very decent and good. In conclusion, this wasn't the best movie of the series by far, but I think its pretty enjoyable and entertaining to spend a good Sunday afternoon with the family.

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