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November 16, 2021


Christian Clavier as Le Jurisconsulte
Dominique Pinon as L'inspecteur d'académie
Stéfi Celma as Amina, prof de français
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by christophe92300 2 / 10 / 10

Not funny

With such a deep cast and a potentially quite comical premise, one could have expected something better than this pseudo comedy where nothing works. The movie boils down to a completely disjointed succession of uninteresting scenes, often badly filmed, where the humor is off and where almost all the gags fall flat. The actors try to keep the movie afloat, though their performance are quite uneven: Isabelle Nanty for example is particularly good while Kev Adams is just plain bad. But, overall, how can you blame them when the script and the mise-en-scène are so weak ? With Les Profs, the French cinematographic creation hits rock bottom...

Reviewed by sakram 9 / 10 / 10

Not worth my time.

This film had the potential, the idea was good, the budget is there, the actors are there, all you need is a good script, but no, I forced myself to laugh, but the closest I could get is cringes. My friend highly recommended this one for me, and since I don't understand French, I got it English-subbed. But it wasn't worth all the trouble. This has a second part, which I am pretty sure won't even consider. 3/10, to recycle bin.

Reviewed by orinocowomble 9 / 10 / 10

A good laugh

The worst thing you can do with a French comedy is try to take it seriously. Pomposity gets you nowhere. Suspend disbelief, tuck your tongue firmly in your cheek and go along for the ride! I've seen my share of outstandingly bad French comedy, just as there are bad British or American comedies out there. But this one, drawn from a comic of the same title, made me laugh out loud repeatedly on what had started as a very bad day (not to mention the night before). Part of the fun was seeing so many French actors I recognised from other films, comic as well as serious: Isabelle Nanty is hysterical as the English teacher (when did she work at my school?), Arnaud Ducret of "Parents: Mode D'Emploi" fame had me in stitches as the gym teacher (I swear I've had that guy in my class!) and who would have thought Phillipe Duclos, the "bad guy" from Spirale, could be so funny as the hapless principal? Yes, it is silly. Yes, the ending is a bit "out there" (but no more so than say, "9 to 5"). I can cite more than a dozen or so big "comedy blockbusters" from American studios that didn't make me laugh once. Watching this film was like porking out on chocolate chip cookies and junk food; I wouldn't want to do it every day, but today it was just what I needed.

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