Let Fury Have the Hour


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November 7, 2021


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by adamzenko-483-173694 10 / 10 / 10

Groundbreaking and inspiring!

"Let Fury Have the Hour" is an incredibly powerful and honest documentary that speaks to anyone frustrated by the direction society has taken over the last three decades. Almost all documentaries nowadays deal with a single topic -- fracking, global warming, tort reform, the war on drugs, gun control, etc. But this rule that only one subject matter should be addressed is achingly familiar, sometimes boring, and long overdue to be broken. "Let Fury Have the Hour" gloriously defies this convention. It is simply so much bigger in terms of scope, theme, and argument, that many reviewers habituated in seeing lone trees are no longer able to appreciate an entire forest. By providing an unique snapshot of working artists from a variety of fields from 1980 to the present day, D'Ambrosio's film simply accomplishes what no other does, and as such, it will certainly stand the test of time. It is an excellent film with a great soundtrack that is best seen theatrically to fully appreciate it.

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