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Amanda Detmer as Jessie Briggs
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Robert Maschio as Trevor
Sam Lerner as Walter
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wes-connors 5 / 10 / 10

There Are Sharks in the Water!

Handsome blond high school graduate Caleb Ruminer (as Mark Richards) is looking forward to attending Princeton University in the fall. The summer before moving away from possessive single mother Amanda Detmer (as Tanya), young Ruminer has a fateful meeting. In the local hardware store on an errand for mom, Ruminer meets sexually arousing older woman Dina Meyer (as Carissa Kensington). She asks Ruminer to help her select and install a new shower massage head. Ruminer and Ms. Meyer are quickly steaming up every room in her house... The fantasy-fulfilling relationship is great for both Ruminer and Meyer. She like her boys tied up in their boxer shorts, and he's willing to go along for the easy sex. However, there are growing problems. Meyer eventually asks Ruminer to move in and consider skipping college, which makes mother Detmer furious. And, this being a "Lifetime TV Movie", Meyer does not know how to take "no" for an answer... Meyer wants her boy toy, or else... This story been rehashed several times by producers at the Lifetime TV network. However, it does feature some nice touches, by director Nancy Leopardi and her crew. The sex quotient is very high, for US television. We see a collage of Ruminer and Meyer celebrating their sexual stamina, there is an extensive scene showing Ruminer handcuffed in his boxers, and Meyer is almost shown stroking the goods... On a more artistic level, scenes are inter-cut from an aquarium where Detmer's neglected boyfriend Brian Smith (as Randy) works. The sharks are cleverly named and effectively symbolize Meyer's threat. She's a shark, of course, and one of many Ruminer must manage as he makes his way into his "real world" aquarium. The harpooning was a great idea and the performances are quite nice, but choppiness spoils some of the fun. "Lethal Seduction" would rate higher if we knew, for example, how Ruminer goes from hung up to laying down in the sauna room. ***** Lethal Seduction (2015-07-11) Nancy Leopardi ~ Caleb Ruminer, Amanda Detmer, Dina Meyer, Brian Smith

Reviewed by kapelusznik18 6 / 10 / 10

Lust has no bounds

****SPOILERS*** It all started out so innocently at the local hardware store when young inexperienced, in making it with the opposite sex,as well as a bit naive 18 year old Mark Richards,Caled Ruminer, helped 40 year old sex-pot Carissa Kensington, Dina Meyer, pick out a shower cap and before he knew it Mark was taking a shower together with her. That was only the beginning of the "Nightmare" that he was to go through with Carissa who soon got him under her control and made poor Mark her personal boy-toy to play with as she liked. It's Mark's mom Tanya,Amanda Detmer, who saw through Carlisa's act and tried to save her son Mark from a fate worse then death itself but only ended up being held hostage by her in her overheated-up to 135 degrees-steam room together with her son Mark being steamed, like a lobster, alive! Totally ridicules from start to finish but still very entertaining Lifetime movie with the helpless and in love Mark letting both his guard as will as pants and shorts down as the sexy Carissa slowly drains the very life out of him. It's Marks mom Tanya who tries to save him but she's no match for Carissa whom we soon finds out murdered her husband,and made it look like an accident, and ended up with all his money as well as mansion on the hill. It's Tanya's, who's also a widow, fishy boyfriend Randy, Brian Smith, known as the fish-man who works cleaning things, life shark droppings, up at the local aquarium who finally gets the message in what Carissa is up to. But by them it's almost too late for all Mark Tayna and Mark's goofy friend Walter,Sam Lerner, involved. ***SPOILERS**** As smart as Mark, who has a full scholarship to Ivy League University Princeton, is he's not quite smart enough to see through Carissa's plans for him in making him her sex slave and thus ruining his life as well as his mom's. But in the end Carissa's unq1uinching lust ends up doing her in by, after getting burned in a bed of hot coals, taking a misstep and ending up at the bottom of her Olympic size swimming pool in order to cool herself off but drowning instead!

Reviewed by Desertman84 6 / 10 / 10

Dina Meyer Will Charm You To This TV Movie

Dina Meyer stars in this Lifetime TV movie entitled "Lethal Seduction" that tells a story about a sexy and curvaceous woman who is obviously have the hots for High School seniors.Amanda Detmer and Caleb Ruminer co-stars with Meyer. High School senior Mark Richards has an overprotective mother Tanya.He loves to go for quick sex and a bright future ahead after getting accepted at Princeton University.Then he fell under the spell of a much sexy and curvaceous woman in her 40's named Carissa Kensington whom he meets at a hardware store.Mark and Carissa starts to have a lot of sex at her home.Due to having an extremely satisfying sex life,Carissa starts to ask Mark to forego college and starts to live with her.But Mark says no.Then, the story of this "complex" problem of the screenplay begins as Carissa to resort to her psychotic behavior and violent acts to convince him and then things begin to go wrong for Mark. Well,the TV movie definitely has a similar storyline that is similar to the 1988 movie,"Fatal Attraction".Meyer does well as the updated version of Glen Close character Alex Forrest especially in terms of being the alluring an and tempting Carissa.Even the male viewers would probably fall under her spell especially her natural beauty and sexiness that she exudes being in a sexy attire or a bathing suit for most parts of the TV movie the same way Mark did.Without it,I would have given it the lowest rating considering many flaws that I found in the clichéd and predictable story,the unrealistic attraction that Carissa had for Mark which I felt was not totally explained to the viewer why she likes High School seniors being a widow,the corny dialogues and the highly annoying character Tanya as an overprotective mother as well as her unrealistic role of being Mark's savior. But nevertheless,sex sells and the sexy Dina Meyer will charm a lot of male viewers together with numerous sex scenes between Mark and Carissa that it have in it.

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