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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by badgergoose 2 / 10 / 10


Firstly, until now I have refrained from reviewing most films on IMDb, including many that I've really enjoyed.....but I feel that I cannot let this film escape without comment. I can't believe Slater even considered doing this film, as I've enjoyed many of his films in the past, & this really isn't any where near his normal standards. Every aspect of the film, sadly including the acting, is awful - the directing, the editing, the so called special effects & the pathetic attempt of using embarrassing 'one-liners' to try & give it a comedy feel........ Absolutely awful - & hopefully I can put people off spending their valuable time viewing it!! Please choose carefully before accepting any more work Mr. Slater.........

Reviewed by Kirlian 1 / 10 / 10


It's simply incredible that two famous actors accepted to act in such a terrible Z-movie. The script and screenplay are so incredibly poor that it looks like a 5 year old child spent his time in writing this crap. Direction is something which made me hope there was no director, the result could have been better. Really, I can't save anything at all of this movie, the only nice thing is sometimes the soundtrack, but two songs repeated ad infinitum would result boring even if wonderful. Please, avoid this movie if you can, spend your free time in something more intriguing... like sleeping. And actors, were you really so short in money you had to accept it or there was a gun on your head to force you to?

Reviewed by Thelightbulb 1 / 10 / 10

Suggested tag line: "Not quite the worse film ever!"

I'll start by defending myself for actually watching this; someone else made me watch it! This isn't so much a review, but more of a warning. DON'T WATCH IT! The plot if you read the back of the DVD sounds quite promising. A writer's (Christian Slater) fiancé is kidnapped and he finds himself being chased by violent thugs (led by Cuba Golding Jr) who believe he has some diamond that his fiancé stole from them. Nothing groundbreaking about the plot, but OK, could be a good Saturday night action film. Alas no! What we get could be reasonably described as a cheese fest. Appalling acting, an awful plot, dismal effects and shoddy camera work. Perhaps the most depressing part about this film is watching the death of the careers of two previously promising actors. Christian Slater and Cuba Golding Jr, both have successful films behind them, but both have had a recent string of turkeys, and this should just about finish them off. However to be fair, they are probably the best thing about this film, as the supporting cast are well out of their depths. At one point in the film, it feels as though it might just save itself in becoming a sort of spoof of action films. The fight scenes and dialogue are so bad it is hilarious. The people watching it with me were laughing harder than we have done with some comedies. The trouble is, the film isn't meant to be funny. I think this film has one use, to show it in film school to aspiring actors, directors, cameramen etc and explain this is how not to do a film.

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