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Brian Bovell as Harry
Jay Lycurgo as Marcus
Lúcia Moniz as Bela
Sophia Myles as Sophie Amsden 2 episodes, 2006
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MarcoParzivalRocha 8 / 10 / 10

Beautifly and painful

A couple of Portuguese emigrants from the London suburbs face serious problems when Social Services decide to take their children away. Ana Rocha de Sousa cleared herself from the comparisons of her film with those of Ken Loach, one of my favorite British directors, who focuses mainly on social problems and discriminatory acts in the United Kingdom, but it is evident that the Portuguese director has in her first feature the "British style" present (she studied at London Film School), in her own way. It is such a real and powerful drama that it is difficult (or impossible, say) not to feel uncomfortable and disturbed watching Listen, much because of the expressiveness and emotion that Lúcia Moniz (as Bela) conveys, in contrast with the silence and emotional pain showned by Rúben Garcia (as Jota). The photography is very particular and interesting, out of the standard that we are used to in Portuguese films. All the recognition given to this film is more than deserved.

Reviewed by valadas 8 / 10 / 10

Very emotional

And real indeed since this is something that hasappend in real life. A Portuguese couple living in London suburbs have their three chuldren (which includes a little girl who is deaf ) taken form them by social security for adoption without any serioius charge against them. The whole movie shows the fight and reaction those parents do trying to reverse that unfair decision. The mother is specially reactive sometimes with violent verbal and physical posture. Lucia Moniz does an excellent performing joc as Bela, the mother. Very convincing and

Reviewed by henriquemmd 8 / 10 / 10

Great movie with a powerful message!

The story centers around an immigrant couple that fights the system to get their kids back! Basically, the movie explanes the way social services behaves with immigrant families in the UK. As a Portuguese I felt every pain in Lucia's eyes and the anger she felt when they took her kids away. UK should be ashamed of their behavior! The government must change the law now!! The movie is based on real events and I hope the real family is proud with all the actors that portraits every character.

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