Little Dead Rotting Hood



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Brendan Wayne as Officer Scudder
Eric Balfour as Skip
Marina Sirtis as Gloria
Romeo Miller as Derrick Shaw
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Paul Wycherley 4 / 10 / 10

has potential to gather a cult following

You know those films you watch when your brain needs a rest and you just want something to watch to help pass time and entertain you enough to get through to the end of the film, well add this to that list. a small town finds out that there is sinister activity going on and the town is under threat from wolves, its a decent attempt of a concept film and some scenes are well shot and with a good cast behind it with the likes of Eric Balfour (haven,24,skyline) Patrick Muldoon (starship troopers, stigmata) and Bianca A Santos ( the DUff, Ouija) it should of been much better but unfortunately its not. some action scenes feel like they were shot by someone who is being electrocuted but like i said above if your brain wants a rest then yeah go for this film and with a run time of 88 minutes its just right.

Reviewed by demented_one 4 / 10 / 10

Nice Try

I am a fan of the B movie genre, so I am more forgiving than most. This movie wasn't bad. Would be a good movie to watch if you have your buddies over for pizza etc. The plot hung up a few times, and the storyline was so nonlinear that it caused me to say on one or more occasion ...Why is she doing this? or Couldn't this have been written a bit better? If it was then it wouldn't be a B movie. My final answer is 'watchable' and nowadays that has to be enough.

Reviewed by Sjhm 4 / 10 / 10

Has potential, but sags quite badly in the middle.

Overall, I enjoyed this movie. The premise wasn't bad, if a little thin, and there are some super long scenes which make you wish that they would get to the point. I would have liked them to have developed the plot line whereby the heart of the story had some more explanation. ***spoiler*** The girl dies in the first few frames of the film, her grandmother buries her and then commits suicide over her grave, giving the body the lifeblood she needs to resurrect. So Little Dead Rotting Hood of the title crawls out of the grave, apparently knowing she had to find super-secret Grandma's note book, but not retrieve Grandma's red cloak and sword... Quite a lot of the action takes place before LDRH actually gets into her stride, there's the addition of a mysterious female character who's supposed to mis-direct you but has little to do other than serve as a plot signpost and you see through her in about three minutes. The same with the ultimate villain character, she knows too much to be exactly what she appears to be, there just seems to be something too off about her to be a credible surprise. Eric Balfour does not disgrace himself in a part which is the everyman heart of the story, divorced dad, two children, argumentative wife, local boy smarts, all the usual boxes are ticked, but he still manages to bring some empathy and intelligence to the role.

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