Live at the Foxes Den


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September 11, 2020


Caity Lotz as Susan Hudson
Jackson Rathbone as Bobby Kelly
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Bgappl07 3 / 10 / 10

Rotten tomatoes gave this is 79% ?

Incredulous. That's my review I say this because this movie is so terribly clichéish the acting except for Elliot Gould is poor and it drags. It was almost painful to watch which I did till the end because I was expecting so much more thank you rotten tomatoes where did you get this one from?

Reviewed by rattanpal98 2 / 10 / 10

little gem

Only discovering this movie due to Caity Lotz starring in it, this movie is a little gem! I had quite low expectations of this movie but it has such a quirky and old school feel about it, it enticed me to carry on watching. Admittedly some of the scenes are slightly 'wishy-washy' and have a bit of a jump to them without an explanation, but overall it all seams together very well. A very simple, and easy to follow story line with some very light hearted humour makes for a very good viewing. Excellent casting of all the characters, and Rathbone's singing is simply to die for! Definitely a movie I would recommend.

Reviewed by DrStranglove 2 / 10 / 10

Boring.... uggh...

(No Spoilers) As with many a straight to iTunes release, Live at the Foxs Den fails to impress. It takes a bit more than an impressive (maybe) singing voice to bring this film alive: story line with out clichés and a believable plot for two. And though I am sure somewhere somehow a lawyer quit his job to be an lounge singer, this one does not even pass the believability test suspend my disbelief. That said, Elliot Gould was VERY convincing as the alcoholic father figure and any of the Murray brothers are fun to watch. But as a whole, wait for this one to come on late night TV. Save your cash.

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