Locusts: The 8th Plague


Drama / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Dan Cortese as Colt
David Keith as Bishop Reed
Jeff Fahey as Trick
Julie Benz as Pamela Dupree
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by DobraGolonka 2 / 10 / 10

and the 9th Plague is the film itself!

I had to watch this film twice - simply because I fell asleep during the first viewing! It really is awful! The film is heavily dependant upon CGI throughout, but, unfortunately, they appear to have been composed on a ZX80 - they are diabolical. And the acting??? That surely is a contradiction in terms! It is sooooooo wooden! If this film had been made in black and white 50 years ago, it might be classed as a decent B movie, but with today's standards? Absolute pap! 2/10 only because the first 5 minutes actually lull you into thinking it will be a decent movie to watch: at least, I was fooled! DG

Reviewed by jrgreenmd-1 4 / 10 / 10

Another Species Versus Humans Flick

The Sci-Fi Channel has once again cranked out another "made for TV" movie in their tired formula of species versus human engagements. As the film title indicates, the locusts have the honor of being man's nemesis this time. A good director, cast, crew, writer, et al could have made this a passable piece of entertainment, but alas not in this case. The writing is predictable. The editing and photography are generic. The special effects are far, far from special. These scenes are particularly disappointing for a science fiction movie. While acceptable for a student film or a sci-fi spoof, they lack believability and appear to indicate a project with a meager budget. David Keith does a good job as Gary Wolf, the corporate head. He has become a staple of The Sci-Fi Channel's flicks. Among this swarm of bad acting, he is a welcome relief, but has a limited amount of screen time. Dan Cortese is very disappointing as Colt, the organic researcher and "good guy." His performance was stilted and uninspiring. However, this is not unique in this film that lacks originality and recycles old themes. The evil cooperation versus the little guy. The government drone versus the civilian. The testosterone toxic military type versus the rebel. The industry versus the environmentalist. The geneticists verses the organic farmers. ... The banal list continues culminating in the human versus species of the week theme that is reflected in the title. If you have a free moment with nothing to do and are bored out of your mind, consider this as a possible option.

Reviewed by SpookyT 4 / 10 / 10

The movie itself is not horrible...

This film is mainly fine for 'made for TV' fare. The biggest problem with this movie is the horrendous cgi effects. If it were not for the absolutely unwatchable special effects, "Locusts" would be worth it for the guilty pleasure factor. I will say that I am notoriously forgiving with regard to horror films. If I was entertained at all, I figure the movie did the job for which it was intended. I would have found this one very entertaining on the level of schlocky monster of the week movies, were it not for the extremely poor use of cgi. If you have nothing better to do and happen to find it on sci-fi... go ahead and give it a watch. There is enough unintended comedy to make use of a pizza and a couple of sodas or beers.

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