Loitering with Intent


Comedy / Drama

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May 28, 2020



Aya Cash as Fanny
Brian Geraghty as Devon
Marisa Tomei as Carrie
Sam Rockwell as Watson Bryant
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cekadah 9 / 10 / 10

In my opinion ....

... this is one of those movies you can't go wrong with when looking for a human everyday life story with good acting and fine dialog. I had not heard of this flick but noticed Sam Rockwell is one of the actors along with Marisa Tomei and these two seem to always give life to each role they play. Both are multidimensional actors always capable of capturing the viewer. The basic plot is two actor/writers escape the distractions of NYC in the summer to go to a NY country side house to concentrate on writing a script. But unexpectedly find themselves even more distracted by family and friends who happen to show up. They also unexpectedly find themselves dealing with their own emotional & psychological needs and conflicts. A well done story of people at crossroads in life. Don't expect closure at stories end because this story is just a look at a few days in these characters life.

Reviewed by ksf-2 5 / 10 / 10

relationships, quirky friends & lovers...

Two writers head to the country to clear their heads and come up with a screenplay with an impossible deadline of 10 days. Good acting all around, and a good basic story. Right away, we see conflict down the road, since the numbers don't add up. Alcohol, four dudes, and two hot chicks. Clearly, trouble ahead. and there are just SO many subplots going on here. The angry ex-boyfriend with PTSD. The muscled surfer who ends every sentence with dude. and apparently a LOT of resentment between the two friends, who are writing partners as well as co-workers in a bar. There IS a really good message in here, which I guess could be summed up as "stop whining and accomplish something". Don't ask for approval. Don't waste time talking and complaining. All good advice. The two leads (Michael Godere and Ivan Martin) frequently work together, so this could be their own story. Strong performance by Marisa Tomei. This easily could be a tv series, or maybe just have a sequel to see where everyone ends up. Really good ensemble group, kind of like seinfeld. Each character has their own story, their own strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes they follow their own advice, sometimes they don't. Recurring themes of love, jealousy, ambition, even hints of bisexuality. Lots of meat on the bones of each character. Mostly well done. Can't really say more.. that would be giving away spoilers.

Reviewed by begob 5 / 10 / 10

Life's a mess

Chatty slice of unabandoned hopes. Wot? Two failing actors bluff their way into the chance of a screenplay deal and head for the country to get down to work. Their retreat is invaded by people with relationship dilemmas, and the plan goes awray. I liked this, but it's at least 20m too short. They give up on the screenplay idea halfway through, so all that story potential drains away and is left to a couple of short scenes at the end. There should at least have been a long scene where they do a run through of over egged writing. Lovely acting and dialogue, with some nice philosophy and conflict at the end. The location is good and all the characters are sympathetic. Not sure the speccy girl's story should have ended up with the actor - the surfer was the one for her.

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