Lone Survivor


Action / Biography / Drama / War

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Ben Foster as Travis
Mark Wahlberg as Pvt. Tommy Lee Haywood
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cinemajesty 7 / 10 / 10

Action Supreme Survival Story

Movie Review: "Lone Survivor" (2013) This outstanding biopic war-movie directed by Peter Berg starring Mark Wahlberg as real-life military black operation (Black Op) in the mountains of Afghanistan surviving U.S. soldier Marcus Luttrell, delivers without overly-executed pyro-technical visual effects an deeply-emotional due to character close-up cinematography by Tobias A. Schliesser in an utmost modern-warfare-realism striving motion picture, which gets fulminate supported by Black-Op initiative team-completing ensemble cast outgoing from Ben Forster and Taylor Kitsch in moving forward with highly-professional military equipment through an already legendary, highlighted daytime forest precision-shooting machine-gun-battle under Academy-Award nominated sound design to complete action entertainment satisfactions in this constant gripping survival story, carried by an convincing performance by leading actor Mark Wahlberg within a title-given "Last Man Standing" scenario. © 2018 Felix Alexander Dausend (Cinemajesty Entertainments LLC)

Reviewed by gezim-turkeshi 8 / 10 / 10

This movie is really stupid if you think about it !!

I've seen this movie two years ago, while commenting movies with my friends Lone Survivor came up. I didn't like the movie in the first place when I saw it, yet my friends seem to like it very much (they're action boys who've seen Van Dam movies when they grew up). I agree that if you like to see action, and guns, and shooting, and explosions, the movie has great effects. But, if you are looking for a patriotic meaning and heroism, this movie is really stupid and I HOPE it doesn't tell the exact truth (since is based on a true story). I'll let you know why with just one example from the beginning of the movie and the rest you can imagine. SPOILERS AHEAD So, in this move there are four military men going to kill some guy in some village in the middle of Afghanistan. This are the best of the best guys in the military. SEALS. I've heard you can't find better than Seals. Smart, brave, and skilful. On their way to that village where the 'bad' guy is, they encounter a man (villager) with his goats in the mountain. And now they have this dramatic arguing what they should do with that guy, let him go or kill him. So, as ethic guys that they are, they let him go. And the that villager runs like flash to the village and tells the bad guys that the American soldiers are up there, and the rest of the movie is just chasing and shooting and chasing and a helicopter with probably 20 people blows up (Americans coming to help them). SO, all those men die, and in the end of the four seals, only one survives, just because they where stupid enough (THE SEALS) to think. Why couldn't they just tie the guy up in a tree, put a dirty sock in his mouth, go to their position, kill the bad guy (they needed to shoot him with sniper btw), and then untie the villager and let him go.. Or, they've could've just take him with them to the position, do the job, and then let him go. How stupid could you be to compromise the mission like that by letting him go before completing the mission. So, that was very stupid of them. Yet... I honestly do not believe thats what happened in reality at all. I think the truth is that they never found a villager on their way (if they did, they would've killed him on the spot and not a fuck given), I think, in reality, they did something even more idiotic to get them chased and killed, so this guy that survived had to make the kind of stupid story showed in the movie to cover the real absurdity that they did to get them all chased and killed by a bunch of guys with expired AK47s. The movie is stupid.

Reviewed by Gavin Purtell 8 / 10 / 10

Excellent cinematography, score, acting and story make this a superb war film where you do care about the characters you're watching

'Lone Survivor' is a very well-made and fast paced war film. It helps that it's a true story out of Afghanistan and does a great job of setting the scene and characters in the first half hour, before putting you right in amongst the action for the final 90min. I really liked how some of the camerawork was frantic in the right moments and slow/steady in the other moments. Let me just say that when they 'descend' the hillside, you really feel it! Is 'Lone Survivor' as good as 'Saving Private Ryan'? That's debatable, but it's certainly better than 'Black Hawk Down' in my books, as far as modern war films go. There's no politics involved, just survival, and this has plenty of teeth-gritting moments! It helps that there's only really the four characters on their own in the wilderness - does a great job of showing the isolation. There's a fair bit of blood and violence, but nothing too grisly and it all looks very realistic - there's no cohesion to what the soldiers (Navy SEALs, rather) do, they're literally fighting for their lives as best they can. The photos at the end compared with the actors are good, although Peter Gabriel's cover of "Heroes" would've been better served if it was the David Bowie original. Otherwise, a great score.

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