Lonesome Dove Church


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Alex Zahara as Butch Henley
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Patrick Sabongui as Matthew
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Reviewed by realfandangoforever 6 / 10 / 10

Highlight is Sabongui

181019: This is a decent film. It's also a decent little story featuring cap and ball technology (yes, I'm a western fan). Holt reminds me of an improved Keanu Reeves while Berenger's acting left me a bit flat. The highlight is Patrick Sabongui as "Matthew". He's an intriguing, vicious but repentant character in this film. He's also a good actor. Liked him so much I did a bit of research on this Canadian boy. Will have to watch for him in the Goodnight films.

Reviewed by secondhandrose-15592 5 / 10 / 10

interesting as to the content especially to people who like westerns.

I too am a descendant of fosters and have a book on the history and actual photo of the church. If anyone would like to compare info contact me via the email. movie was not accurate but typical of most westerns. I would watch it again to catch anything I might have missed the first time.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 5 / 10 / 10

Faith on the frontier

Although this film has no bearing whatsoever concerning the founding of The Lonesome Dove Church in Grapevine, Texas which exists still today, the film is a decent action western. When some of his views don't meet with local approval, circuit riding preacher Tom Berenger goes off looking for a new place to pastor. He finds it in Texas with the assistance of his gunfighter son Greyston Holt. Holt's on the run himself and as it turns out Berenger has some skills in that area that the Good Book doesn't approve of. As he says he wasn't always a preacher. The people in the film don't dress like 1846 Texas which was when Texas became a state. Don't look for accuracy heree, just enjoy.

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