Lost Boy

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Carly Pope as Lanie
Jacob Buster as Sam Williams
Sosie Bacon as Summer Harris
Virginia Madsen as Helen Lyle
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by krocheav 7 / 10 / 10

Lost Boy Will Keep You Looking

This odd outing by LeGrand productions is one of those borderline movies that seem to be on the verge of very serious comment with leanings towards exploitation. The story has its beginnings in truth and it's ending in supposition. It's well acted by most all, well photographed, well written with a keen sense of character and suspense. Direction is better than average, if not perfect but, very good in terms of its television origins. The premise is strong - locking into the nature of vulnerability and the desire for something to be true regardless of the accompanying possibilities. The characters are drawn from the sad situations we see happening around us daily and the outcomes are in line with their difficult situations. There are lessons to be learned from this tense situation, especially for those contemplating sharing their home and families with others from a troubled background (not that this cant be a rewarding experience). Just be aware the road to recovery can be fraught with challenges. Recommended for those who appreciate stories emulating from today's headlines.

Reviewed by insomniac_rod 5 / 10 / 10

Does not deliver expectations...

Well, the premise is very interesting and makes you think about many possibilities regarding the "lost boy" character. To be honest with you, I only watched it for morbid curiosity; I mean, I expected the "lost boy" to terrorize the family in unlike ways, not in the likes of "Saw", but, situations like in "The Hand that Rocks the Craddle" (1992). However, the situations are very lame and soon you lose empathy towards the main character. The script is very weak and never fully explains the origin of the lost boy or who really "took him" when he was an infant. Virginia Madsen is fantastic as always and her portrayal of a mother that cannot cope with the lose of a son but keeps the hope for many years is perfect. Watch it only if it airs at 2:00 a.m.

Reviewed by aceellaway2010 5 / 10 / 10

Made me Angry!

Not a particularly bad or good film. The only character that interested me was the 2nd wife, who seemed to be trying to behave responsibly and concerned. The ending really made me angry, in a sense they abandoned the "son" was abandoned again. As he is presented at the beginning of the film, as turning "tricks' to survive, one assumes that he will be back working the sex trade at the end, until drugs/ death or Aids gets him. If he survives then h will find the market drying up as he gets older. Admittedly he exhibits anti-social and frightening behavior. But the DNA questions I viewed as his uncertainty that if he turned out not to be the missing son, then he would be abandoned, so rather than run the risk he tried to ensure the result by trying to get DNA form the younger brother. The anger and resentment displayed at the end. Well, as they never bothered to try and deal with the past- even though the father at least was presented with some of the details of his sexual abuse and torture, he was not given counseling-it was not even mentioned. We don't know at the end if he is really the son or not, but when both parents make the decision to just not pursue it or him, the feeling of emptiness and hopelessness I felt for the boy's character was upsetting. "Ok he's a problem let's just abandon him" was the message I got.

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