Lost Boys: The Tribe

Comedy / Crime / Drama / Horror / Thriller

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Autumn Reeser as Tyler Dawson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Smells_Like_Cheese 3 / 10 / 10

Surfing Vampires: Hang Fang

The Lost Boys, as cheesy as it sounds, is seriously one of my favorite movies, without a doubt my favorite vampire film, it's sexy, stylish, and really stands out against a lot of other vampire movies. Now it's been a famous cult classic for 21 years, people are still discovering it to this day, now there had been rumors for so many years about a sequel, that it was going to be Lost Girls, David and his gang would return, that the Frog Brothers go to Washinton, D.C. The list goes on and on, finally after 21 long years, we have a new sequel for the cult classic, Lost Boys: The Tribe. I couldn't resist, I automatically bought it curious and thinking that it might be worth the watch, oh, dear, how I want my twenty dollars back. I was incredibly disappointed, and frankly disturbed with some of the character's behavior as well as a very lame story. Chris and Nicole have moved to a new town with their aunt, after dealing with their parent's death, they're feeling down. Chris sees Shane, a once famous surfer who disappeared out of the spot light, he invites Chris to a party. Chris and Nicole go to the party, everything seems normal, until Nicole walks with Shane to his room and she drinks his blood out of a flask, she is now becoming a vampire. Chris seeks the help of our old friend, Edgar Frog, 150 pounds, about 5 foot 2, and still acts like Rambo times a thousand with the one liners. They try to help Nicole and destroy the surfing vampires before it's too late for her. Lost Boys: The Tribe is seriously a major let down considering this movie could have been so much more. Sadly, Sam makes a 2 minute appearance that was a huge let down, as well as Allen doesn't even make the final cut, only in the alternate ending. I wish the director wasn't reading "How to make a film for dummies" while making this movie, because he didn't have an ounce of respect that the first Lost Boys had. It doesn't have the attitude or class to hold a candle up to the first film. This isn't the worst sequels I've seen, over all on it's own, it is kind of worth the look, but after Edgar's 100th one liner, it was turning into an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Fans of the first Lost Boys beware, I just had to learn the hard way... 20 dollars!!! I could've gotten groceries, I gave up a week's worth of food for this. 3/10

Reviewed by mrnrfan182 1 / 10 / 10

How can people give this movie a GOOD review?

Before you read this please be advised that Spoilers are most definitely present so read no further if you'd like to keep anything a surprise. How can any of you give this movie anything but a one star rating? It's TERRIBLE. I'm a huge fan of the Lost Boys. I grew up with the movie and it reigns as one of my favorite films of all time. This existence of this film though puts a small blemish on the story and if Corey weren't a part of it I'd be able to write it off completely. Unfortunately his presence, and the horrible cameo by Mr. Haim, actually ties this movie DIRECTLY to my beloved original and that, so far as I'm concern, is a shame. Problem number one. Apparently Shane was a surfer once too, you know, because Chris had is posters on the wall right? So Chris idolized this guy and then he just suddenly disappears. Well that would suggest he was human once right? Sooooooo...that means Shane was changed over and would NOT be the head Vampire, much like how David was changed and he was NOT the head vampire in the original. Therefore killing Shane would do nothing because according to this movie's lore you'd have to kill the one that changed Shane and hope that he/she was the actual HEAD vampire. Problem number two. The vampires have NO charisma. NONE. They're annoying, they're shallow, they're simply not fun. And the whole bit about them running around slicing each other up and having a grand old time taking advantage of their immortality...it's all done quite poorly and serves as an irrelevant addition to the plot. Apparently having no fear means it's fun to run around and gut each other. I saw them as complete imbeciles. Problem three. What the hell was up with the police chase? Is that Chris's initiation? "hey come with us we'll knock on the police headquarters and do some donuts in the parking lot." LAME. Problem four. The movie exists. It's really too bad that both Corey's have sunken so low as to be a part of this crap. It doesn't take a genius to put together a plot that would actually work in this situation but instead what we have here is a wannabe surfer/skate video about annoying young teenage vampires who can't act. The only salvation in this film is just how well Corey reprises his role as Edgar but outside of his scenes, the movie is pure junk.

Reviewed by agf8623 1 / 10 / 10

Fire the writer

I love Lost Boys and I was hesitant to watch Lost Boys 2 after I'd read the reviews on IMDb, but I rented it anyways... The cinematography was well done for a low budget film. The music was okay. The script was terrible. This is a good movie to rent if you love Ed Wood films. The story is extremely weak, there is no climax, no clever twists. It is a shadow that slightly follows the original Lost Boys. Worse, the writer focused not on the story, but on sex and horror to make it interesting. I don't mind sex, horror, etc, but it needs to fit into the story. In this movie, the story is an afterthought. After I finished watching the movie, I couldn't stop but wonder... who the heck signed off on this script? A movie costs a lot of money to make and I'm surprised that anyone threw money at this script. It's in insult to US, the folks who ultimately pay for fools to write movies for us. It does not surprise me that Lost Boys 2 sold better than expected. All of the Lost Boys fans will watch it, regardless, due to curiosity. If the folks who funded this movie think for an instant we will watch another poorly constructed movie with the Lost Boys title on it, think again. Fire the writer.

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