Love at First Dance

Romance / TV Movie

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February 27, 2021



Becca Tobin as Adelaide Kay
Jaycie Dotin as Cindy
Laura Soltis as Patti Connell
Niall Matter as Luke
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by christie-bren 8 / 10 / 10

Surprisingly, not as cheesy as I expected.

When I read the title, I expected something more cheesy but this is pretty Gouda! This movie takes place in an actualcity where city life isn't as demonized. I appreciate that since I live in a big city and it's nice to know there might still be Hallmark magic left here. The characters feel more like real people, both at a career fork in the road, her finding out whether she should do or teach, him following in his family foot steps or an artistic pursuit. So many people can relate to that. The dancing is so fun to watch, it's like Dirty Dancing: Hallmark Nights. And the music is from artists I've heard of, shocking I know! Overall, I'd totally watch this again.

Reviewed by maffydavison 8 / 10 / 10

Drama, romance and real people

I love most Hallmark movies - especially the holiday-centric ones - and accept that the 2-dimensional male/female relationships often saturate the stories. This one breaks the mold - which makes it one of my favorites. The 'other woman' is not a witch from whom the male lead needs to escape. Instead, this story is about people I can relate to, realizing that they care for each other, but are not a perfect match for marriage. Add to this that I really don't like dance. It's okay - fun to do - but I would never buy tickets to see a dance show. Even so, the dance metaphor and sweet dance scenes are delightful. I love this movie, and the stars in it.

Reviewed by Jackbv123 8 / 10 / 10

It's all about the people

While Becca Tobin never jumps off the screen, there is still chemistry between her and Niall Matter. I haven't paid enough attention to Matter in the past, but I realized he is a solid half of the ... Father Christmas set of movies. And he does a great job in this one. You could see Eric grow in confidence as the story goes on, and underneath it he's falling in love. Tobin is a steady presence throughout. I couldn't decide if she was a little too reserved, or just right, but you can understand easily how Eric could fall in love with Hope. The third part of the triangle, Adriana, is no villain and compared to her Hope is downright giddy, but Adriana is supposed to be an unemotional rock. Supporting characters are adequate if not great I think the outline of the story could have been written by the viewer as soon as the background was established. These movies don't necessarily need surprises. But that means that one of the things this one had to do right was put the leads together as much as possible, and it did. I usually don't like musical interludes that are often just there to avoid writing more plot, but in this case it was a nice dance interlude.

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