Love Begins


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David Hoflin as Jake Weller
Jere Burns as Mental Manny
Nancy McKeon as Emily
Wes Brown as Josh
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mbalzic 6 / 10 / 10

Prequel to "Love Comes Softly". The story of how Ellen met the man she married, Clark, to start "Love Comes Softly"

OK, so I have seen all of the other "Love" movies in the series. I especially liked the 1st movie in the series, "Love Comes Softly" with Katherine Heigl, before she made it big. Julie Mond in the part of Ellen Barlow, is an actress I knew I had seen SOMEWHERE, and for DAYS I mulled it over as to where I had seen her, and then one day it came to me, a bit part on General Hospital, where I noticed her first because she closely resembled Megan Follows who was in the PBS series, "Anne of Green Gables" many, many years ago. Anyway, this story was typical of all of the other movies (books, that I have not yet read) in the series. Not quite as syrupy sweet, but still solid acting and a decent story. I disagree with other reviews which panned the flick. This is a LOVE story, in a simple setting, very much the "chick flick". I really WANT for it all to work out in the end, and sure enough, it does. This movie, as many others are, is a simple romance, of two people who come together by odd circumstance and make the best of it, until they realize after the fact they had fallen in love somewhere along the way. The odd circumstance in this case is Clark and a friend are on the way to the gold fields to make their fortune. In a restaurant, Clark's friend starts a fight with 2 local boys, ending up with both in jail. Clark's friend manages to escape jail, while Clark stays behind in the open jail cell. The sheriff thinks he is a good judge of character and sees Clark as a decent person, willing up to take responsibility when he COULD have simply joined his friend in the jailbreak. The sheriff takes Clark to the Barlow ranch where Ellen and her sister are barely making a living with the farm. A storm has caused significant damage. The sheriff knows Ellen could use help on the farm, so brings Clark out to work off the debt, a week at a time. Another week and Clark makes another payment to Millie, where she comments that time passes quickly for one of two reasons, being really busy, or being really happy, and she wonders which it is for Clark. While in town, Clark sees the Sheriff and there is some foretelling there, when the Sheriff comments on how well he is getting along, and that he knows it will go on into the future and all will be for the best. Another storm, and Clark leaves the toolbox on the roof where he was making repairs. And, of course, the roof starts to leak since he had not completed the repairs. Thunder, lightning. Ellen decides to go out to help, and in the meantime, Clark falls off the roof. Scene change to Clark inside, where Ellen and Cassie decide to let him sleep inside instead of in the barn. Ellen admits to being SO scared when Clark fell, thinking that he might have been taken away from her. She says to Clark, "Rest now... (long pause) my love". And there it IS, the tipping point where you KNOW what the ending is going to be. Later she says, that she thought he was sleeping, but when he asks, admits that she DID mean it... Plans change... Then, in town later, it's HIM, Jake Weller, the man who left Ellen to seek HIS fortune in the gold fields 2 years earlier, and from his dress, apparently has done quite well for himself. Jake and Ellen talk for a moment in the street, while Clark saddles up and leaves. Jake and Ellen go to MIllie's to eat and catch up on things. He hit the big one, he says, enough gold to buy a small country, or so he says. Jake thinks Ellen will go off with him now that he has come back for her, as a rich man, exactly as he had promised. Jake proposes to Ellen. And, wait for it, the next scene shows Ellen and Clark while he packs to leave. And of course, she tells him, Clark, that she is in love with him, and of course, HE then asks her to marry HIM... Cut to the final wedding scene of Clark and Ellen. Sorry for the spoiler here, but it fits. This spoiler will NOT hurt the movie if you have never seen it. You KNOW what is going to happen if you have seen any of the other movies or read the books from the opening scenes... I agree with one thing said in other reviews, the pace does move slowly... but then, so do many other movies I have seen of ALL genres, so this one is not alone in that respect. Only one thing bothered me, what happens with Cassie, Ellen's younger sister, who appears about 13 in this movie. At the time of "Love Comes Softly" Ellen is newly married and traveling west, so there is a major gap in TIME with no explanation. One final thought: I really liked the scene where Clark is given some flowers by Cassie, and later he gives the flowers to Millie, played by Nancy McKeon, as he makes the 1st payment toward the damage he and a friend caused during a fight (not caused BY him, but he was involved in) back at the beginning. Ms. McKeon has always been a favorite of mine and even though she has a supporting bit part, her role as Millie IS important to the plot and story line. Enjoy the movie... I know that _I_ did...

Reviewed by Reno-Rangan 8 / 10 / 10

9. The story of Ellen & Cassie: An unexpected meeting with Clark Davis.

The ninth episode in the Hallmark's 'Love Comes Softly' movie series, but not based on any of Jannete Oke's books. Like I mentioned in the previous installment's review the book ends there, but the story continued with this film. Because I think the movie makers wanted it keeping going after getting a good response from the television audience. So instead to proceed forward, they have decided for a couple of prequels. Yep, this is the first of the two prequels. Disappointment for 'Love Comes Softly' book series fans, but treat for the movie fans. When I came to know about the prequels, I was excited only for one reason, i.e., to see Marty again. Precisely to say I was hoping for the return of Katherine Heigl. At that angle it is very disappointing, because this prior event based on the Clark Davis. Yes the one who offered his hand for Marty in the very first movie when she was lost in the unknown territory. But if you remember the original story (first film) was begun by introducing Marty and I was desperate for this story to be narrated from her side, but sadly it didn't. So this movie narrates by unfolding us who is Clark, where did he come from and how he's going earn his place in a small town. A movie that captured only the soft side of the story, like 'all's well that ends well' kind of mindset which is one hundred and one per cent a family movie (When I said family, that mean gown ups only; excluding teens and below). Except the opening where it had some fights like a real western movie which quickly ceased. My thinking was, if it is watched by the today's teenagers, they would attack it from all the angles, because they're living in the era ruled by CGI and superheroes. To them it is an outdated theme, so that might be one of the reasons this series to be turned into a television product where the target goes straight to the women and families. "We gotta hang on to the good ones... Let the bad ones go. Never let 'em haunt us." We got plenty of things to point it out why this film is so dull, but for the television standards it is easily passable. I had no issue with the movie, it was a good one filled with moral message and I enjoyed it. Everything was well arranged, a feel good movie, which looked a very much like another book adaptation. So it's not a bad idea it to turn into a book, but Jannete Oke have to agree to that. I'm saying that because of the book people who have read all the eight Love saga can get a chance to read if they're not interested in the film version. The story was very easy to follow. In fact, if you have not seen any movie in this series, you could start with this and the next one followed by the original order. But I won't suggest that, whatever the order the storytelling is, we must go through with the 'released' order. Because sometimes the hard work they have made to attach by filling the gaps between the prequels and the original films differs when we watch it in the chronological order. The cast selection was great, they gave their best shot. This kind of movie is very rare to come by. Maybe that is the reason I liked this series, so can't wait for the next two films. I'm not going to give full marks for it, I know the movie is not overwhelmingly awesome. Interestingly, striking with the genre that is usually associated with action, adventure, crime and thriller is what attracted me towards it. So another wonderful movie was included in the series, I think we should credit the writers and director for that. Two more films to go, see you at the next review guys. 7½/10

Reviewed by pm2 8 / 10 / 10

A Good, Heart-Warming Love Story

After watching this movie yesterday, I wanted to know more about the actors, but was shocked to see that the only displayed review was quite negative. I should say right at the outset that I don't generally like these "made-for-TV" love stories, but I definitely enjoyed this one and found it quite entertaining and credible. And although the acting was not Academy Award winning, there's practically no such thing in this "genre", and it was certainly good enough to draw me in and touch my emotions. My wife and 3 of our girls all enjoyed it, and together we all fought off a few tears with the heart-warming story and gratifying finish (we all like happy endings, and the girl chooses the right guy).

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