Love Finds a Home


Drama / Family / Western

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November 11, 2020


Courtney Halverson as Catherine
Michael Trevino as Jackson Meade
Sarah Jones as Suds
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by edwagreen 9 / 10 / 10

Love Finds A Home...Be It Ever So Humble, This is Heartwarming ***1/2

Sequel to "Love Finds A Wing," this is a very nicely done film. In the sequel, Lillian has been adopted and it's several years later. Annie, married and pregnant, visits her fellow doctor friend,Dr. Owen, who desperately wants a baby, but seems unable to become pregnant. Lillian finds a love interest, an assistant to her adoptive dad, the latter has become quite overprotective. Patty Duke, who at 63, is starting to look her age appears as Annie's mother-in-law, a mid-wife set in her ideas. The film is of value since both Duke and Doc Owen come to understand and tolerate each other. At times, Ms. Duke looks like Irene Ryan portraying Granny Clampett in the old Beverly Hillbillies television show. Nevertheless, Duke turns in a very good performance as a spunky lady. The movie is also a good one as it avoids violence and ends in a way that we will be ready for part 3.

Reviewed by dggriffi 1 / 10 / 10

Average in every way

This was pretty much your standard made for TV low budget yawner. It was painfully clear that the theme of this movie was on women's empowerment as the main characters where all very independent with offish male counterparts added in out of necessity. The writing was bad with most characters taking on paper thin stereotypes with lines so predictable that you could watch it without sound and miss very little. The casting was no better with a female doctor who looked all of 22 who was to be the mother of another who looked no younger than 20 herself. Acting serious seems to be no substitute for real maturity and as a result, the doctor was almost laughable. In the end, all was joyous, as one must expect from this kind of bone grinder. No surprises but you could pump your fist in the air and say triumphantly that "women rule"!

Reviewed by LtlHippo 1 / 10 / 10

Casting was WAY off

I had to come here to make sure I was seeing what I was seeing. The mom looked like the sister of the daughter. Patty Duke looks 80 here. Duff has never been able to act. This was just sloppy casting.

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