Love in Harmony Valley



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November 11, 2020



Amber Marshall as Daughter
Jerald Bezener as Mayor Leo Matsoukas
Martin Roach as Jasper
Nina Kiri as Nina
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by marlowericky 10 / 10 / 10

Love in Harmony Valley was amazing

I've been a fan of Amber Marshall's for a long time I new going into this move that she was in amazing actress but wow to see her playing a different character then Amy on Heartland was great Amber was so amazing playing Emma she really did I have to be honest this was my first time ever seeing Erick Hicks in a move I was so impressed by him I will definitely be watching more of him When I can sit down with my wife in too kids in watch a 2 hour program in not having to worry about profanity that's great Love in Harmony Valley was a great family program there's just not enough of them out there any more my hat's off the writers they really knock this one out of the park Amber Marshall you never feel to impress me Erick Hicks your a great actor I will be watching more of you to the rest of the cast great job guys God bless you all and thanks again for such a great Move

Reviewed by maevanodet 10 / 10 / 10

Amazing movie to watch!

I tried to find a link as soon as possible to be able to watch the movie right after its release! I have to say that I was really impressed by this movie. It was nice to Amber into another role who is completely different Amy on Heartland. I was impressed by her capacity to play a role as if it was really her and her personality in it! It was the first movie where I saw Eric in it, he is a very talented actor and their chemistry were more than real! I'm hoping for a sequel to come, fingers crossed!

Reviewed by elizabeth_renner 10 / 10 / 10


Love in harmony Valley is a really good movie this film is a must watch for all sorts of people I love it so much and also I would like to congratulate Amber Marshall, Eric Hicks

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