Love is a Piece of Cake

Romance / TV Movie

IMDb Rating 6.4 10 40


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January 12, 2021


Jaime M. Callica as Brian Rawley
Julia Benson as Ellie Whitcomb
Lindsey Gort as Jessie Dale
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cjcume 10 / 10 / 10

Super cute movie!

Everyone was adorable in this. The little girl is sooooo cute! Lovely story, great acting, 10 stars. And honestly- I've now seen Jaime Callica play a Doctor, famous writer, FBI agent and now cute/nerdy finance guy in this... One of the most versatile I've seen.

Reviewed by linda-plant2 1 / 10 / 10

An escapist movie

Fine to watch when you don't want to "think". My only negative comment would be the actor playing Howard. His acting was wayyyyy over the top, as though he wanted to command each scene he was in, but he didn't, and was annoying.

Reviewed by Northener 1 / 10 / 10

Absolute fantasy

I wish I had Twitter because apparently Hallmark pays attention to tweets. But I am hoping with the covid19 slowdown that Hallmark returns to quality over quantity. This boring retread has all the trademark tropes: The young widower with young child that seem to only populate Hallmark-villeThe small bakery that somehow produces factory style quantity and variety without an army of staff working in shiftsThe evil landlord/developers who threaten the existence of said fantasy bakery (could they not have bought the property sometime in its 50 yrs of existence?)Unrealistically pushing "do what you love" vs trying to earn a living I especially enjoyed watching them walk past the real cafe in Langley that they've used in several other productions. I think the magical bakery/cafe location is the one used in 'All My Heart' which the writer of this drivel stole some plot points from. Find some new stories, and locations! Of course the ridiculous plot would be easier to overlook if this story had any charm, spark or interest. Just boring. Do better Hallmark.

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