Love Live! Sunshine!! The School Idol Movie: Over The Rainbow

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Miranda1996 8 / 10 / 10

The conclusion of Sunshine

As expected, i loved this movie just as much as the show ^_^ The only thing i didn't like is that it seemed a bit unfocused. The whole 'Mari has to marry someone because her mom arranged it' plot is just dropped after Hop? Stop? Nonstop! when Mari's mother walks away and isn't seen until near the end again. I guess she decided to not arrange Mari's marriage but i don't remember her saying she changed her mind... But besides that i still enjoyed it! I also love Saint Snow's new song!

Reviewed by Wingzero4u / 10

Another Great Love Live movie since the series

When I first learned that this movie was coming after the end of the series,I was really amazed,although I didn't see the movie in the theater.But when Funimation announced the released date for it,I was able to order it,and managed to get it.I really enjoyed the movie,and it was totally different since the show,and the music plus the outfits was truly spectacular.Favorite characters I liked are,Chika,Riko,Yoshiko,and Mari. I think between the first movie,and this one does teach us and shows us we all must face a turning point in our lives.It's very important to never forget all the great time we spend together. And it's also important to carry those feelings in our hearts. And if we are singers,and someone leaves,we must carry on,and imagine they are with us. So however,this movie is number one,and I think you will enjoy it,so if you seen the series,then see this movie.You'll love it.

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