Lucky Grandma


Comedy / Crime / Drama

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August 12, 2020



Ali Ahn as Lynn
Clem Cheung as Benny Ng
Tsai Chin as Sui-Lan
Wai Ching Ho as Lei Lei the Fortune Teller
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by waterever-89459 10 / 10 / 10

Can a granny be the epitome of cool ?

The movie makes us realize that we all actually have an Icon at home having all the elements of "badass", rebellious personal style and cutting edge care and concern for her family members, living or deceased ! She is none other than your granny ! Tsai Chin is terrific, electrifying and fantabulous in not settling for the stereotypical image nor difference in the kind of attention for people of her age to receive. Lucky Grandma simply lives and acts the way she wants: defiant, rebellious and unyielding in her own right, in her own personal style ! Very calculating towards vendors; very shrew in engaging opposing gangs to fight out for her; very prudent in hiding all her new found fortunes away and not talk to anyone unlike some real life lottery ticket winners ! In the face paced convoluted plots of comedy, suspense, horror, intrigue and humor, you will never experience a dull moment !

Reviewed by MartinHafer 8 / 10 / 10

Highly uneven...though the first portion was quite good.

A nasty Chinese-American lady learns from her fortune teller she's incredibly lucky--so she empties her bank account and heads to Atlantic City to gamble. Along the way, she stumbles into a bag filled with cash and she steals it from the dead man who had it. Soon, Chinese gang members begin harassing her and so she decides to hire a body guard to protect her. Watching "Lucky Grandma" at the Philadelphia Film Festival was an odd experience. While billed as a comedy and having a mildly funny first portion, much of the rest of the movie isn't funny at all and is more of a crime drama. Because of this unevenness, the story was enjoyable but nothing more.

Reviewed by matthewhensrud 8 / 10 / 10

An engaging story and an eye for detail make for a fun romp through Chinatown

Found this movie via Alamo's OnDemand site - Lucky Grandma has something for everyone: Light humor, mob intrigue, a lovingly shot Chinatown, and a stand-out score that yanked me in with the first blast of the brass choir. I don't think there are enough stories featuring the 70+ crowd out there; Tsai Chin paints a very human picture of entitlement (damn the consequences) after a life of hard work. Who doesn't deserve a sack of cash for making it that far?

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