Lux in Tenebris


Drama / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by DNight100 8 / 10 / 10

Think while watching...

The film uses Christian symbols, quotes (Bible), and various references to God, while exposing human hypocrisy, lies, and the "dark" around us. It's a story about two sisters (black girl and white girl), growing up in Cleveland, surrounded by violence, hatred, crime, drugs, and poverty. Thanks to some good (Christian) people, the girls grow up to be semi-normal (one clearly suffers from an unknown psychological disorder, while the other one has issues on her own). This provocative drama could be labeled as "Christian film with an edge"; the edge being: uncensored language that breaks PC (political correctness) as we know it. I see some people turning off their TVs or leaving the theater, because those N-words or F-words might be too much to handle. All in all, I find this to be an interesting movie; one that I wouldn't recommend to an average movie buff (it ain't no "Wizard of Oz" or "Fast and Furious"). It's a movie that requires some thinkingÂ… a lot of THINKING.

Reviewed by eVide 10 / 10 / 10

Unconventional Social Drama

Thanks to being part of test-screening audience, I was able to view this picture last week. Being familiar with film director's previous work, I expected non-traditional cinematography and an artsy approach to staging. And I found it in "Lux in Tenebris"! Aside from slight audio-visual imperfections, this super-micro budget film delivers unconventional writing, strong directing, and very good assembly of images and sounds. The story is weird (in a way), but that's what makes it interesting. The characters and their interactions are - very strange, but it works. The music score is very entertaining, and contains everything from Mozart to funk and metal. If you appreciate the works of Lynch, Jarmusch, Ethan and Joel Coen, as well as some European artists - take a look at "Lux in Tenebris". And, for all of you who admire Eric Roberts: he's in it and he's cool!

Reviewed by milroypicturesvideo 10 / 10 / 10

Unusual poignant drama that brings characters together in a heartfelt manner.

Director B.R. TATALOVIC and ensemble did a wonderful job with this film. I was drawn into the story and truly felt for the characters. The actors are quite believable in their roles. One performer (portraying the heavy) does such a splendid job of stirring emotions, you want to reach into the screen and strangle him! A friend also attending the premiere was convinced an "actual thug" off the streets was used in the movie. She said "no" actor could be that "real" (a true compliment to a fine performer). Again, many kudos to the "entire" cast, crew and production company. It was fun seeing movie veteran ERIC ROBERTS back in the limelight as a card dealer with a significant story to tell that comes full circle. The picture moves along at a nice pace due to competent editing. Nothing is dragged out for time. It touches base on the very feelings promoted in the fervid trailer. Also refreshing is the way religion is woven into the movie in a "positive" light. Although the film is raw and gripping with it's tale, the viewer is given a sense of decency with supporting characters providing Christian aid and compassion. Everything else....the lush cinematography, locations, music, props, wardrobe, etc. are very well presented, and the direction by B.R. TATALOVIC is right on the money. The well composed story by ALEX RUSSO honestly brings out the frailty of human beings and the emotions of love, hate, passion, lust, greed and misfortune. I truly recommend seeing this outstanding indie film. You cannot watch this motion picture without empathy. Bravo!

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