Mac & Devin Go to High School

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ilikehorrormovies 8 / 10 / 10

This is for the fans NOT THE CRITICS!!

This film feel misunderstood. I thought it was a fun for a stoner movie like Grandma's Boy (2006). Come on now 4.5 is low like make it 5.6 or higher please? This movie is not perfect but still it's good. Yeah the acting is not very strong but I still enjoy this movie. Score: 8.5/10

Reviewed by ladycairi 9 / 10 / 10

Pile of garbage. Don't watch this

This has got to be the most awful movie I've ever seen, the acting is terribly stupid and poorly acted, it just looks like a low budget high school movie done in drama class, they should of done screen tests be horse casting such terrible actors.this movie will put me yo sleep if I carry on watching it. A very backward movie and terrible acting.

Reviewed by Kenyae Kofi 9 / 10 / 10

Mac And Devin

I love this movie and I love how the host of the movie was a talking joint. I love how Snoop Dogg really tried to pretend he was a high school student. That alone had me in tears because Snoop Dogg is old as hell. I loved seeing Wiz in this movie being the nerd that gets corrupted. I had a feeling that Snoop Dogg and Wiz were actually smoking weed in this movie. I personally got tired of the religious references, but I found it funny as well. I love all the tracks in this movie. I love how the handicap kid was always smoking weed and ended up having sex with a cheerleader in his school. I love how Mac was giving every person weed that he met. I loved seeing Mike Epps in this movie as well. It was funny how they smoked weed together and were learning algebra and chemistry like as if they actually study in real life. I also love the tattoo life was being shown some love as well! Seeing Wiz and Snoop go get some ladies was even funnier. I feel like Wiz Khalifa actually ended up getting laid on the movie. When Snoop and Wiz got arrested I thought it was funny to see their little argument hahaha for the problem in the story. It was hilarious seeing the assistant principal fall in love with the substitute teacher. I love the positive speech about weed at the end of this movie as well.

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