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Kristen Wiig as Maggie Mayhem
Marielle Heller as Self / Alma Wheatley
Ryan Phillippe as Jack Yorke
Val Kilmer as Sheriff Tucker
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rexxmantooth 10 / 10 / 10

One of the most underrated comedies of the past ten years.

I have watched this movie more times than I can count. It is a little rough around the edges and unappealing from first glance but when given a real chance will not let down. This movie really grows on you with multiple viewings and is sure to do the same to anyone with an open mind. The first term that comes to mind when describing this movie is "cult classic." This movie is raunchy in all the right ways but balances itself out with silly humor as well. Will Forte does a great job with this movie by giving it a facade of half-wit humor and making fun of itself in subtle and also obvious ways. In short this movie is has a deeper humor than people give it credit for.

Reviewed by johnny-burgundy 3 / 10 / 10

Great Extension of an SNL skit, don't think it stands on its own!!

MacGruber (2010) This is an action comedy film based on the Saturday Night Live sketch of the same name. It is a parody of action-adventure television series MacGyver and 80s action films in general. It's imperative you have a sense of what SNL parodies the do and what the film is riffing on, before watching it. If you aren't a fan of SNL or never watched Macgyver, this movie will likely be lost on you. I don't feel this movie had a chance to stand on its own, without the above referenced precursors. This is also why I think it was marginalized by critics and did poorly at the box office. No matter, it's now considered a cult classic. This is largely due to a stellar cast. Although there we a few missteps, this movie generally avoided avoided the common mistakes of cheap humor often made in these type of movies. This film delivered a decent blend of comedy and nostalgia that makes it worth checking out.

Reviewed by Funasian2005 3 / 10 / 10

Worth A Watch

It's worth a watch if your expectations are not too high.It has it's funny moments and irritating moments. It was supposed to be a parody of the 80's TV show Macgyver , however it was far from it, which i am glad. Worth a watch if you got nothing better to do

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