Madame Claude


Biography / Crime / Drama / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by louisesweeting 2 / 10 / 10

Inept filming

I do not care about the nudity or sex BUT what offends me is the quality of this film. Atrocious acting; bad dubbing; non-existant storyline. French movies are so good. Perhaps they should have had a French team on it and this sorry saga would have been a success.

Reviewed by michael-sidiropoulos 5 / 10 / 10

What's the point?

Trying to think what the point of this film is. Is it purely biographical? Probably. Are there any cinematic values? Probably not. An environment of prostitution would lend itself to some character development. There is none. Okay, there may be some other redeeming features. An interesting storyline, some surprises and plot twists. Nope. Normal acting and direction, nothing superb. This film doesn't rise above mediocrity.

Reviewed by albertval-69560 5 / 10 / 10


Fernande Grudet's life is a fascinating story but the film falls short of making it compelling. The main focus is on the requisites of the sex sex trade: how she manages her burgeoning business and the growing power and influence that go with it. It does little to dive into the interesting characters that inhabit her story. Given the story's potential, one could imagine dramatic encounters with the police and her influential clients. But when such opportunities arise, the encounters happen mostly matter-of-factly except for that memorable meeting of Sidonie and her father in the restaurant where he got his comeuppance.

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