Madea Goes to Jail

Comedy / Crime / Drama

IMDb Rating 4.5 10 11


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September 27, 2020



Sofía Vergara as Cheryl
Tyler Perry as Arthur
Vanessa Ferlito as Roxanna Rodriguez
Viola Davis as Miss Rayleen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by josephbrown864 7 / 10 / 10

What a funny movie...

I'll keep this short and sweet. It's not Avatar, and it wasn't over produced! It's funny and has a great plot. Here is some advice, get a sense of humor. Not every movie has to be 10/10 to be good. Giving a movie like this anything less than a "5/10!" Is absurd! Quit getting mad just because this movie promotes religion and happiness. Go watch a really Hollywood movie and hop on their bandwagon! This is a real movie, from real people, from real life! These characters take me back to my childhood. Hard times and hard struggles and how in the end, God works things out! I bet half of you people reviewing this movie just hate the religious message! That's all!

Reviewed by desiree-hunnicutt 2 / 10 / 10

Excellent! Funny!

I was busy getting ready for the Holiday meal preparing when Madea came on television, it takes a lot to grab my attention but this did. I found this movie to be funny, serious, silly, and a pure joy. I really enjoyed the back to common sense writing mixed in with the crazy antics of a silly senior citizen. Since I've seen this movie I've begun watching all of the crazy antics of Madea, a true pleasure! I look forward to more of Tyler Perry's writings, and please keep it fun and clean like it is now. A fun watch for sure!

Reviewed by jackcartlidge8 2 / 10 / 10

Topsy Turvy Movie

This narrative can't make it's mind up. The director (who also writes it) gets confused between whether he has written a comedy, or a melodrama. The scenes containing what we believe to be the main protagonist 'Madea' are an attempt at comedy that rely on spectacle and stereotype. The gags aren't executed very well at all (yet you can't blame the actors and actresses with this script) and I get the feeling that this has all been done before, recently in fact and better I might add. Scenes containing Candi are melodramatic and actually not that bad. There is some good acting and the plot is well contrived. Some of these scenes question American class division and have a purpose. So, bring these two elements together and you get a confused audience. The two stories have no relevance to each other until the end of the film when they 'collide'. I use collide loosely because this doesn't even happen. The characters meet and nothing much happens. I think they spoke together in about three shots. The story itself lets the director down as well. It's easy to second guess (yet you wish you'd be proved wrong) and you wonder whether you are watching two different movies playing at once. The character of Madea is badly constructed. There is no development what-so-ever. Without giving too much away; Madea's involvement in the ending is complete nonsense. People who have seen this film will probably agree that she has no real reason to be there. To sum up, this is the worst film I have seen in years. The director should have picked one of the stories instead of merging them in some sort of Nutty Professor meets Pretty Woman side show. Utterly ridiculous.

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