Madea's Witness Protection

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Charlie Sheen as Boy Under Lamppost
Denise Richards as Diana Evans
Eugene Levy as Keyes
John Amos as Coach Sam Archer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by elbojpb 2 / 10 / 10

The acting is simply terrible

Denise Richards is easy on the eyes, but can't act a lick. My wife said to me three times during the film, "this movie is just awful". Tyler Perry does an adequate portrayal of the cliché black aunt, and there are some entertaining and funny parts, but the other two main characters lay large emu eggs. The plot becomes very predictable when the clip from a prior movie of the same genre is shown. After that, there is no suspense. Even Tom Arnold and John Amos struggle to keep it believable. Romeo and Doris Roberts are okay, but nothing is going to salvage this train wreck.

Reviewed by Davis P 10 / 10 / 10

It wasn't awful......

Madea's witness protection was pretty funny in some scenes. But then in others I found myself wishing it would just move along and get on with it. So I sort of have mixed feelings about the film as a whole. It's funny at times, but then dull other times. So basically it has a good and bad side to it. The acting was good, no bad acting here. The dialogue and script was pretty good as well. Not really gonna suggest it, but I'm not necessarily saying don't see it. You'll just have to decide for yourself. There are funny jokes and funny goings on that do occur in the film. 6/10 for madeas witness protection. I hope you enjoy it a little more than I did. This is the only madea film I've seen, so maybe I need to go see some more of them and review them, hopefully I'll enjoy them a little more.

Reviewed by vbleistein 10 / 10 / 10

It's Medea !

I love Medea! Reading negative reviews about Medea's Witness Protection, I agree with reviewers who get it; that is, they know also that Medea movies are all about Medea and are not meant to be compared to other movies, since that's not exactly relevant as Medea movies are in their own class. You either like Medea's character or you don't and if you don't, there's no reason to watch, knowing it's all about Medea. I personally totally marvel at Tyler Perry's Medea. She's hilarious and believable. There's few comedians who can do THAT! I'm not a Denise Richards fan either and don't care. I know she can't act. I also know Tyler Perry as Medea will always be funny and the enjoyment of watching Medea movies is because of Medea! If you dislike Medea you won't like the movies!

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