Madhouse Mecca

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June 29, 2019


Adam LaVorgna as Karl Pochenko
David Keith as Bishop Reed
Rebecca Lines as Marianne
Tera Patrick as Self - Porn Actress
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by psxexperten 1 / 10 / 10

Do yourself a favor. Stay away from this stinker!

Terrible acting. High score rating is obviously from friends of the cast and crew. If you like to watch drug abusing strippers suffering from paranoia and other mental illness this movie fits you. Trust me when I say it's a wast of time, watching paint dry is more interesting.

Reviewed by aprilme 8 / 10 / 10

A case study in sexual repression

This movie is a frat boy's wet dream. It begins with 45 minutes ominously (LOL) leading up to a threesome, highlighting just how understanding and hardworking this woman's husband is. Then the big bad pot smoking stripper comes along. Gasp, they have a threesome, and it's the lamest sex scene in cinema since the Cider House Rules. The scene is BARELY over when the sexual repression and shame kicks in. Like literally they can't stop talking about it. Then, for no reason whatsoever, the hot stripper professes her unyielding love to the lame wife. Even the actress didn't believe her own lines. The faithful wife turns her down, proclaiming her LOVE for her HUSBAND GEEZ (who she's been bored with like 90% of the movie let's be honest.) Then the husband gets to tell the big bad lesbian off. "It's OVER" he says "She's pregnant" placing one of Eddie Izzards flags down in her womb like a British soldier. Because, obviously, nothing automatically ends an affair like semen. Then, by the POWER OF CASUAL CONTACT WITH HIS PENIS and getting punched by a bad guy, the stripper not only leaves her career and drugs behind, but reforms her life and moves in with her FATHER! Yuck. Another boring homophobic movie by a guy with a lesbian fetish (who can safely explore said fetish only if he can dominate the big bad lesbian in the end because BABIES.) I recommend this movie to the sexually repressed and successfully gender subjugated who can only handle a flash of panties and neon lit bikinis before their sex hating deity catches onto what's going on beneath their blanket.

Reviewed by attila-698-252301 8 / 10 / 10

A surprisingly well-done independent film

I have to admit my expectations were not all that high when I selected MM on Amazon Prime late one night. Boy, was I in for a surprise. The story involves the states of mind and relationships intertwined between two very different yet similarly conflicted women. One is an exotic dancer with much baggage, while the other is a housewife with disappointments and conflicts with her marriage. They two meet via a shared circle of friends and go on to have a brief tryst which changes both of their lives. The acting is professional and well done, and I give a particular nod to Tera Patrick who does a very credible job of playing the strip-club manager.

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