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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rickswami 7 / 10 / 10

imaginitive and creative

The first thing about this film that every viewer needs to realize is that it was done with an extremely low budget. No flash and glamour in this one. However, this is a thought provoking film. The screenplay was well written and Brandon Ray Olive gave a great performance as Commander Roger Nelson. I was so entranced as the story unfolded, that I did not care about the low budget props. Even though, i thought the set scenery for Mars was well done. This movie was able to thread many real scientific theories and suppositions, and tickled your imagination for the possibility of life beyond earth. An expedition that was curiosity driven, but yet demonstrated the very human element of a relationship being fractured by the extended voyage of a married astronaut who is struggling with the anguish of being separated from his spouse for an extended period of time. The voices of A.I., Ferdinand and Neil, were both well done. This movie will appeal to those who prefer a well written script over spectacular special effects. I'm sure if this movie had a 20 million dollar budget, it could compete with the Sci Fi movies produced by Hollywood. This movie is an example of metaphoric saying, "having nothing but lemons and making lemonade."

Reviewed by AB-Crawford 8 / 10 / 10

I blame Jar Jar Abrams.

Not all science fiction movies are able to include massive sets, unlimited special effect budgets, and high paid actors. I had the feeling that this movie was somebody's passion project. It is a compelling story that someone wanted to make into a great movie. I commend the idea and the effort. Having said that, sure, most of the sets just scream low budget and the acting is hit and miss. Still, I thought it was a very good movie that kept me interested throughout. I recommend this movie if you are into real science fiction - the writers/director were obviously fans of Arthur Clarke and Carl Sagan. If you are more interested in bright flashy scenes with massive sets and space battles with exotic aliens that rely on blaring soundtracks rather than intelligent dialogue, check out Disney's recently acquired space drama instead.

Reviewed by simon_atterbury 8 / 10 / 10

Proper SciFi Movie

I write very few reviews for IMDb but this film deserves a positive one. Firstly it was broadcast on SciFi channel so was expecting the usual "Space Lobster v Mega Puffin" script, direction and acting. How wrong I was. This is a proper SciFi film with an intriguing plot, great script, excellent acting, great direction, above average (for the low budget) and intelligently realised special effects and a proper well written score. I would love to have seen what the director would have done with an additional $250,000 costume and set building budget. As one reviewer has already stated, let's hope there is a sequel but this time with a bigger budget so that the director Rob York has less to hold him back.

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