Magical Mystery or: The Return of Karl Schmidt


Comedy / Drama / Music

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mick_row 7 / 10 / 10

Road Movie back into life

While the movie is basically about the main character and his break out of a dull life after a break down, that story gets a little lost in techno history and is drown in events and places. So the story telling itself feels bit more like a documentary, but a typical road movie may not really need typical dramatics and suspense curves. It is not easy to follow and feel with the main character and his change over time, what he learns during the trip and how his world collapses once again. And seems only one other character really gets it. Nevertheless, it was worth watching. The actors are just great, also set up, behavior and dialogues are stunning. Since the story does not need a real 90ies set, authentic music and clothes, they saved some funds on that, but that did not matter here - it is barely recognizable. I watched it twice because of funny and authentic speeches/dialogues, but it won't enter any of my Top 10s no matter what category. Have not read the book, but since the writer of the novel did the writing here too, I guess there is no need for the book after the movie.

Reviewed by tablemountain1912 1 / 10 / 10

Magical Misery Tour

The film is based on a Sven Regener book whom I regard one of the better contemporary authors in Germany. His previous books 'Herr Lehmann' and 'Neue Vahr Süd' where made into a film and a TV mini series respectively and I found them entertaining, intelligent and funny versions of the books. When I heard that Magical Mystery Tour was made into a film I got all excited, bought a ticket and spent two miserable hours watching this piece of cinematic garbage. There are some glimpses of hope, mainly in the beginning, but it doesn't last long. The film loosely follows the book and is made up entirely of stupid dialogue and cringe-worthy situations that fail to be funny. Not a highlight of German cinema.

Reviewed by knyomzp 1 / 10 / 10

Mindnumbingly bumm bumm boring

110 minutes ok roadies are maybe more about the feels but this had very few to none also the humour is very subtle and flat like a high person saying "hey there was a fish" or a drunk person throwing up a few times, i didn't have one laugh the whole movie. The last 20 minutes were excruciantingly slow torturing since i found out it doesn't try to convey a message or has no finale just that his roadie lifestyle is in a way repetitive as his charity work before. On his way he has a little romance which also is very random and felt empty unrealistic even cold. In some scenes his madness/illness flares up but nothing follows. A waste of the cast some actors are good but this barely showcased them. The Soundtrack was good and had many great 90s Techno songs but i am unsure if they even wanted to relieve these days from the Ravers since they didn't try by expressive neon colorful clothing, whistles,plateau boots, pair of flares, colored hair,spike hair,batik dyeing, feels like they didn't even try even no cool dance moves just a few pictures of some masses dancing. Karl doesn't drink or take drugs since he was a nutcase he just watches people do so or them taking pills but he only chainsmokes everything is shown from his bland workers perspective mostly as the driver but also nanny or barkepper. I've seen musicvideos that were emotional deeper funnier and had more plot than this movie.

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