Magnificent Obsession

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Irene Dunne as Ellen Wagstaff Arden
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Sara Haden as Mrs. Jackson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kkomberg 9 / 10 / 10

this is a wonderful movie

I saw this movie only one time on AMC during a film renovation special in 1991 or 1992. Its a wonderful movie. It made enough of an impression on me that 12 years later, after only one viewing, I still consider it a favorite. I know that the later version with Rock Hudson and Jane Wyman is considered to be a good remake by film critics and fans, however, when I tried to watch it, I revolted at the glitzy technicolor melodrama. The magic, the old Hollywood glamour, the passion and the agony I found in watching the original seemed completely lost in the remake. I hope they do restore this movie before it is lost forever. I hope I get to see this movie again some day.

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 8 / 10 / 10

Wonderful Melodramatic Story of Hate, Love and Redemption

In Westchester, the reckless and arrogant playboy Robert Merrick (Robert Taylor) drinks too much and drowns in the sea. He is resuscitated with the lung equipment of the famous Dr. Wayne Hudson. Coincidently at the same time, Dr. Hudson needs the apparatus to breathe and dies in his Brightwood Hospital. Dr. Hudson's young wife, Helen (Irene Dunne), and his daughter Joyce (Betty Furness) blame Bob Merrick for his irresponsibility and hate him. They discover that Dr. Hudson had secretly helped many people that adore him. When Merrick sees Helen Hudson, he has a crush on her, but she refuses to even see him. One day, Merrick meets the artist Randolph (Ralph Morgan) by chance and he learns that Dr. Hudson followed the Christian philosophy, secretly helping people without expecting any return or acknowledgment. One day, Merrick gives a ride to Helen to force her to stay with him in his car. However Helen gets out of the car upset with Merrick's attitude, and another car runs over her and Helen becomes blind. Later Merrick meets Helen in the park and lures her, introducing himself as Dr. Robert. Meanwhile he financially helps Helen and hires five specialists to examine her in Paris. Helen is examined but the doctors find clots in her brain and advise her that they will not operate her. Meanwhile Merrick and Helen fall in love with each other; however when Merrick proposes Helen, he discloses his true identity to her. On the next morning, Helen vanishes without any trace from the hotel. Merrick studies medicine and becomes a brain surgeon and specialist in Europe expecting to help Helen someday. Six years later, he returns to Detroit and Randolph tells him that Helen is very sick in Virginia. He heads to Virginia with Joyce, her husband Tommy Masterson (Charles Butterworth) and the nurse Nancy Ashford (Sara Haden) and operates Helen. "Magnificent Obsession" is a wonderful melodramatic story of hate, love and redemption. The introduction with Tchaikovsky's "Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture" causes a favorable impact with this feature from the very beginning. Irene Dunne is magnificent as usual and has a great chemistry with Robert Taylor. I bought the DVD released by the Brazilian Versátil Distributor with the 1954 version and for my surprise, the DVD was double with the 1935 version of "Magnificent Obsession" as a bonus. My vote is eight. Title (Brazil): "Sublime Obsessão" ("Sublime Obsession")

Reviewed by bkoganbing 8 / 10 / 10

A Big Hit On the Road

I suppose Magnificent Obsession could best be described as a religious soap opera. It's definitely the kind of film that both of its stars, Irene Dunne and Robert Taylor would identify with in real life given their politics which were on the right. Even more so for Irene Dunne who was a prominent Catholic lay person. It was a best seller in 1929 for newly minted writer Lloyd C. Douglas, a former Methodist minister who had retired from the pulpit and spent the rest of his life writing fictional works with a religious theme. Irene Dunne was by this time a very big star and Magnificent Obsession entered the pantheon of her big hit films. But for Robert Taylor it was the breakout film of his career, establishing him once and for all as a star player with potent box office. Taylor was a special favorite of Louis B. Mayer at MGM, it wasn't an accident he established a record for the longest studio contract in film history. Taylor was coming along in his career quite nicely as and had gotten notice in some supporting roles and had even had a lead in Murder in the Fleet. He had also played part of a love triangle as another doctor in Society Doctor with Chester Morris and Virginia Bruce. I'm betting that it was that this was the film that Carl Laemmle saw at Universal when he asked Mayer for Taylor's service on a loan out. This would have been a win-win situation for MGM. If Taylor clicked they had his services and if he didn't it was Universal's loss. Anyway it was in this role as the shallow playboy who becomes a noted surgeon that Taylor scored his big hit. His growth in some ways is similar to Tyrone Power's later on in The Razor's Edge. In fact had this been done at 20th Century Fox Power would also have had a big hit. But his breakthrough year was one year away. Through a combination of unfortunate circumstances a noted doctor, esteemed for his good works dies suddenly of a heart attack. He might have been saved, but a resuscitator was being used on a young Taylor who was involved in a speeding boat accident. He becomes a hated figure with the family and friends of the late doctor, especially his new widow, Irene Dunne. Later on Taylor while in an inebriated state meets up with Ralph Morgan who lets him spend the night and sober up on his couch. When Taylor awakens, Morgan talks to him about trying to tap into a higher power by doing some good works and it will redound to his favor on earth and in heaven. And the idea is to shun publicity for the same. Taylor expects some more immediate return on good works, but it he gradually comes to a full realization of what Morgan is talking about. Former minister Lloyd C. Douglas had used as the basis for this philosophy, Matthew Chapter 6, 1-4. The substance of which don't flaunt your good works before humanity openly because then you'll be courting favor with the world. But if you do it with as little fanfare as possible, God will reward you in heaven and on earth. Robert Taylor was 24 when he made this film and the part called for him to age several years and he succeeds as both the playboy and the mature and spiritual doctor. Magnificent Obsession was remade 19 years later with Rock Hudson and Jane Wyman and proved to be as big a hit with audiences then as in the Thirties. Robert Taylor made very few films away from MGM until his contract was up after 1958. I suppose his services were Louis B. Mayer's Magnificent Obsession.

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