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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by andrabem 8 / 10 / 10

Bimba and the Devil

Malabimba is not just a sleazy film. The film has more depth than people give it credit for. It is one of the more notorious "Exorcist" rip-offs (and the best of them in my opinion). This is of course a matter of taste. I've seen some of them: "The Antichrist" (cinematographically speaking is the more traditional of the lot and therefore the easiest to please the majority, but being an Italian film (even if tame for Italian standards) it crosses boundaries that Hollywood would never dare to trespass (the goat scene). It's a film that in spite of being exploitative follows the "Exorcist" recipe more closely and with more seriousness. "L'Ossessa" (The eerie midnight horror show) – See my comment in IMDb. "Un urlo nelle tenebre" released in English under many different titles ("Cries and Shadows", "Naked Exorcism" "The Possessor" etc..). The film is a hopeless mess. It's very uneven. Sometimes it's visually stylish and atmospheric (good use of scenery – small village on the top of the hill, narrow and gloomy streets, the house and its interiors etc..), but the film seems like a collage of different scenes, losing some steam in consequence. It was directed by two directors: Angelo Pannaccio and Franco Lo Cascio. Back to Malabimba. A lonely mansion/castle on the top of a hill. There live the Karolis. The Karoli family was once wealthy and aristocratic, but now they are almost bankrupt. Tragedy, resentments, intrigues, decadence... In this place, Bimba (Katell Laennec - mala means bad), a shy teenage girl, lives a secluded life. One day a harsh wind blows into the house. It's the devil – a hoarse whispering wind. It attacks everybody in the household, but it takes possession of the innocent Bimba. Bimba's sexuality till then dormant explodes. Sexual hunger, anger, frustration, she wants satisfaction at any price... but the grown-ups (with the exception of her preceptor, the nun, Sister Sofia – Mariangela Giordano) are too busy with their own problems to realize what's really happening with Bimba. She's passing through hell and the devil in her will convulse the whole house. "Malabimba" is audiovisually an engaging film – the hand-held camera explores corridors, enters rooms, follows the characters, as well as the hoarse wind (the devil) that prowls around. The gardens are seen from the upstairs windows, and the distant mountains..... There are many sex scenes (already widely commented by other reviewers). Some hardcore porn inserts are present, but not many, and they don't spoil the overall effect. The images are punctuated by a good and effective soundtrack (some of it borrowed from "La morte ha sorriso all'assassino" by Joe D'Amato, but who cares?). Immerse yourself into the film, and you'll have an enjoyable sexy audiovisual trip.

Reviewed by HumanoidOfFlesh 7 / 10 / 10

Total sleaze!

Seemingly as a result of séance that goes wrong(or was this an attempt at exorcism)Daniela is possessed by the evil spirit of Countness Lucrezia and becomes sex crazed and her mother Nais,also becomes sex crazed as Daniela watches.Daniela grabs men's crotches,flashes her pussy during a party,gives her grandfather a blow job and thereby kills him,seduces Sister Sofia who then commits suicide by leaping off the battlements."Malabimba" is a crazy Italian porno/horror that has to be seen to be believed.Apparently producer Gabriele Crisanti didn't thought the film was sleazy enough so he edited together an alternative version which included about five minutes of hard core sex footage.Some of the horror scenes-such as the séance at the beginning-are wonderfully over the top and stupid.So if you liked Andrea Bianchi's sleazy giallo "Strip Nude for Your Killer" or his extremely entertaining zombie film "Burial Ground" give this sleaze classic a look.9 out of 10.

Reviewed by FieCrier 7 / 10 / 10

sleazy possession film that is pretty entertaining

Surprisingly sleazy! I was expecting a giallo film for some reason, but it is not that. After a séance in which the presence indicates itself to be foul-mouthed, accusatory and randy, things get even dirtier. A young woman exhibits the same behavior. Perhaps she's possessed, or perhaps it's her frustrations and acting out against repressed desires. Some reviews mention a scene with a grandfather, but the video box of the copy I saw refers to the father, but the subtitles in the movie refer to Uncle Adolpho. Perhaps different copies subtitle that scene differently. The movie takes some ideas from The Exorcist, but seems more Gothic than that, and it was also pretty explicit.

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