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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Sylviastel 10 / 10 / 10

You'll Never Laugh So Hard!

This is one of my favorite French films of all time. Juliet is an French African cleaning woman, mother of five (all with different fathers) and she works hard at a yogurt factory. I love Daniel Auteuil who plays Romauld. Anyway, Romauld is screwed at his job when the yogurt goes bad but it's Juliet who saves the day for him. She takes him in to her already crowded home and of course, they fall in love eventually. They are a mismatched couple in everything but they say opposites attract at least on celluloid they do. I still love Auteuil and think he is one of the best French actors around. Sorry Depardieu, I love you too but Daniel is just sexier. Anyway, the film is worth viewing for sheer enjoyment.

Reviewed by mjneu59 9 / 10 / 10

ignore the idiotic title

A more or less typical form of numbskull Hollywood osmosis was responsible for the change of title for this charming French interracial romance when it crossed the Atlantic, from the perfectly adequate 'Romuald and Juliette' (shades of Shakespeare), which at least identifies the two unlikely lovers. Romuald is an aggressive yogurt tycoon who works in the executive suite of a Paris skyscraper; Juliette is the black cleaning woman who empties his garbage overnight, and when she learns of an insider trading and sabotage scheme the two become allies and (inevitably) lovers. There's nothing deep or significant here, but the script is both sensitive and, at times, even clever, and (surprisingly) never loses sight of the obvious social/racial/economic gaps dividing its two protagonists. But to say it ends happily-ever-after is an understatement: the resolution is too incredibly upbeat. And does it seem odd that a French film should have to justify their affair by showing Romuald's wife also fooling around?

Reviewed by devonblue 9 / 10 / 10

A Wonderful Feelgood Comedy

I would not compare it to Le Placard, which IMHO had more comic moments, but Romuald & Juliette while being a slow starter certainly kept your attention going throughout the film, nicely paced and reaching a heart warming conclusion :) There were many marvellous comedic moments, some brilliant pathos and realistic situation acting by all actors. It was a typically French film, in which while confronting prejudices and phobias, which in turn the made the viewer confront his own shortcomings! I am certainly pleased to have this in my library, and will no doubt watch it time and time again, which to me is a mark of a great film.

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