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Reviewed by sean-south 9 / 10 / 10

humorous moral tale

Shaft meets Lawrence of Arabia, what can i say? Brilliantly funny and still poignant.I agree with the previous reviewer with reference to the songs however 'we are going to fly' song with its cannon is quite charming.The story mainly concerns redressing the racism in the original texts however the religious aspects are at the forefront of the movie.The differences between the god fearing guilt ridden Christianity of the 18th century and the free spirited tribal beliefs of Friday.Moreover the dated religious beliefs look even more dated against the background of gospel religious practises. Questions of ownership 'what is mine?',punishment,education, money capitalism etc are all scrutinised. The moments that bond the film are the more touching areas where Friday and Crusoe have shared emotions and empathy.The final twist in the tale of the film is where Friday turns the gun on Crusoe and en slaves him.After they escape to the island of Friday Crusoe is rejected by the tribe after impassioned speech by Friday, again turning the original tale on its head. one of the main goofs in the film is where Crusoe is teaching Friday to say Master. Crusoe says marster in a very English ways whereas Friday replies master in a very American way oops this film is a must for DVD.

Reviewed by CinefanR 8 / 10 / 10

Excellent examination of human nature

I wasn't expecting much when I decided to take a look at this underrated film, one of Peter O'Toole's forgotten works. Well, I think it's great. The ideological consistency of this reinterpretation is definitely more welcome than a "classic" adaptation of Defoe's novel. What strikes me is the movie's relevance after all these years. It's amazing how little has changed from those days, when racism and slavery were widely accepted as "normality". I mean, the laws have changed of course, manners have improved - we live in the era of "political correctness" and all - but in terms of how we FEEL about the Other, nothing has changed, unfortunately. Robinson Crusoe is in fact the typical Englishman. This deep rooted idea of superiority still exists today, even if it doesn't manifest itself in the same ways."Man Friday" makes a powerful statement about human nature, about man's failure to communicate, to understand and respect others. Various themes are explored, like religion, sexuality, freedom, xenophobia, capitalism, multiculturalism, moral relativism and so on. The movie succeeds in making some good points, sometimes with a great sense of humor, and sometimes with a tragic feel. Crusoe's relationship with Friday, its development and psychological implications are very interesting. Peter O'Toole is splendid as the nasty and arrogant Englishman, while being sympathetic to some extent due to his human frailty. Not even those funny-looking furry boots and outfits can diminish his aristocratic elegance, and it's a pleasure to listen to his beautifully spoken phrase. O'Toole's Crusoe has the tragic aura of a Shakespearean hero, and this superb performance is the movie's highlight. Roundtree also does a very good job. The absence of a remastered DVD transfer must be the only reason why "Man Friday" remains basically unknown, and that's a shame.

Reviewed by lora64 8 / 10 / 10

Might is not always right

I missed the start of this film on tv but managed to tune in to the story's events which appear to carry a strong social message based on prevalent ideas, prejudices and conflicts among people. It brings to mind the movie, Hawaii, in which the white man's ways and beliefs were supposed to transform the local inhabitants but as it turned out, the well-meaning visitors had much to learn from the island people's customs and beliefs. In a way it's a lesson for us all that we should respect cultural differences, customs and values. As the saying goes, There are many roads that lead to Rome. The episode of trying to spread their inventive wings and fly was great fun to watch and O'Toole's furry feet were a hilarious footnote to the scene. I regret some of the violence enacted but then those days were not always pleasant times. A happier ending would have been nice. On the other hand this film makes you stop and think. One can observe the conflict of intellect versus soul wisdom being played out. It's a film well worth seeing.

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