Manchester by the Sea

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Kyle Chandler as Mitchell
Michelle Williams as Anne Weying
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Late to the party 7 / 10 / 10

Flawed movie that shines solely due to superb acting

It's the convincing performances by all the main actors in this movie that helps elevate this movie above the weepy schlock that it could easily have become. Casey Affleck and Michelle Williams in particular are brilliant. However 2 flaws continually pull this movie down from the heights that some critics were elevating it to. The performances might have been potentially Oscar worthy but the film as a whole is not. Firstly the music, particularly in the "emotional" scenes is far too melodramatic. It's overkill and the scenes are powerful enough to stand on their own (or with far more subtle music) without the director yelling at us to feel the characters pain. Sometimes the music drowns out the dialogue. Frankly the soundtrack choices are hamfisted and amateurish. Secondly, the teenage boy who Casey Affleck becomes the guardian for is a very unsympathetic character, and the script handles his reactions to his father's death clumsily. The scene in which he breaks down after opening a freezer borders on schlock. It's still a movie well worth watching, if only for the superb performanes, but don't expect it to be "The best film of 2016" as many critics were saying.

Reviewed by hicham_cena 8 / 10 / 10

A flawless movie!

I can't say more words. It's the most realistic movie I've ever watched.

Reviewed by Cirja Onisim 8 / 10 / 10

A very realistic movie that is not that much entertaining to watch! (No spoilers)

Manchester by the Sea is a movie directed by Kenneth Lonergan and stars Kasey Affleck as a character named Lee who after an event in his life gets depressed but then he is forced to take care of his nephew and now we have a movie. This movie has a very fragmented narative structure due to the fact that it has a lot of flashbacks and at times it is hard to tell when the flashback starts and where it ends. It reminded me of "Primer" and just like that movie this structure is very uninteresting and uncaptivating to watch because it's not like in "Memento" where it captivates you with how the flashbacks are done within the story. The story itself is very sad and overall the movie is very sad. It gives you like 70% sadness and 30% hope. But for me if it doesn't give me 55-45 is way too depressing. And I get the movie tried to depict that and in some way reminded me of "Still Alice" but in this movie there were more supporting performances. One of my gripes with this movie is that in being artistic and realistic it looses entertaining quality and it's less captivating. Another issue I had is that the inner feelings of Lee are not emphasised well enough to make me care for him and suffer with him. One thing I liked though are the performances which were all top-notch notch no matter the screen time. The movie also had realism... and that was mainly due to its story, set pieces and performances which at times made me forget that I was watching a movie and made me feel like in a real situation. Props to the movie for that. The last thing I'll mention that bothered me somehow was that certain scenes or moments were in there just to fill the runtime which is quite long indeed. At times the movie was really entertaining with it's real life depiction but that was only in some scenes not the whole movie. That's why the screenplay for me was good but not as good as Arrival or La La Land to be honest. Casey's performance was almost perfect and I understand him winning the Oscar. In conclusion: good movie with good story, interesting but ultimately uninteresting narative, great performances, great sense of realism but with somewhat filler in it to fill the runtime. 8/10

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