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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by callanvass 4 / 10 / 10

The cast does their best, but this is stagy stuff which sat on the shelf for a good couple of years. I wonder why

I was lurking around my local rental store, and came across this. The plot looked interesting, and the cast is what really intrigued me; what a disappointment! This is a movie Tyler Perry would be foaming at the mouth to do. I can't begin to tell you how stagy this feels. It didn't feel like a movie; everyone felt phony to me, and I really couldn't empathize with most of the characters. Most of them are very selfish and abrasive people who I'd have no interest in spending time with what so ever. The character I empathized the most with is probably a three way tie between Ron Silver, Stockard Channing & Mary Stuart Masterson. Most of them have problems that most marriages do. But the way they go on about it is incredibly annoying. Beau Bridges and Cybil Shepherd are the worst, though. Beau fantasizes about someone else's breasts whilst Cybil can't understand children. Marriage is supposed to be about honor, loyalty, trust, and respect among other things. It's one of the reasons I am probably never going to get married because a lot of married couples forget why they fell in love the first place. This movie does a poor job of explaining it, but it still reaffirms my thoughts about marriage. All the actors do well, but I couldn't sympathize with most of them. The subplot between Nina (Masterson) & Lucy (The daughter of Silver's) is probably the most likable thing in the film. And of course there is the biggest cliché in the book. The happy ending! Final Thoughts: I got through it OK, but it's definitely a flop for a reason. It's unlikable, pretentious, and wastes an excellent cast. If you have nothing else to watch, maybe give it a go, but even then; that's pushing it... 4.5/10

Reviewed by mjneu59 9 / 10 / 10

hardly a bad movie, but certainly out of place in the 1990s

Three more or less happily married couples with absolutely nothing in common except for their Manhattan zip code meet by chance and become good friends. The numbskull title and corny scenario (each couple survives a crisis which prompts them to re-evaluate the vow 'for better or worse') ought to be enough to frighten off any self-respecting film buff, but within the TV sit-com material is a modest and disarming (light) comedy, with a well-chosen cast doing credit to roles which could easily have become stereotypes. Former Woodstock hippies Channing and Bridges fare best; 20-something yuppies Leonard and Masterson leave less of an impression because their characters are so unbelievable squeaky clean; and the talent of Ron Silver is mismatched to a lack of the same in Cybill Shepard, who at least delivers some great lines, providing evidence to the questionable notion that a bad actor never yet defeated a good script. The film is an optimistic, if entirely conventional, celebration of monogamy, friendship, family values, and happy endings, with the expected sentiment becoming too explicit only during the sappy, self-conscious climax, at a children's school pageant dedicated to the Summer of Love (complete with a freeze-frame peace sign finale).

Reviewed by jhclues 9 / 10 / 10

One To Shout About

A common thread provides the bond that draws three diverse couples together, ultimately leading to a friendship through which they explore the foibles of life and love in `Married To It,' an engaging look at contemporary relationships and perspectives, directed by Arthur Hiller. There's John and Iris (Beau Bridges and Stockard Channing), a jaded social worker and the wife of many years who sees him through it all, has given him two children (now preteens) and only of late has come to realize that he's given up on her and on life in general; Chuck and Nina (Robert Sean Leonard and Mary Stuart Masterson), an ambitious investment broker and his wife, a school psychologist; and Leo and Claire (Ron Silver and Cybill Shepherd), a toy manufacturer and his second wife, a sophisticated woman of society who is unable to make a connection with his daughter, Lucy (Donna Vivino). A school function and commitment to a committee bring them together, and they soon find that although they each compete in different arenas of life, they are in the end not so different from one another after all. In fact, they soon come to depend and rely upon their newly founded friendships more than any of them could ever have imagined possible. Hiller has crafted an emotionally stirring study of want, need and expectation that will be readily identifiable to just about anyone who has taken part in the game of life. And it's skillfully delivered through an outstanding ensemble cast, highlighted by the exceptional work of Stockard Channing, a gifted actress who seems to thrive in a project like this. She brings Iris to life from the inside out and creates that necessary connection with the audience that spills over onto the rest of the cast, all of whom deliver dynamic performances as well, most notably Cybill Shepherd as the aloof sophisticate who finally realizes what is really important in life. But what really makes this movie work is the depth of character that each of the actors involved brings to the core of the story. It's as if the derive energy and incentive from one another; and when actors can give as much as they receive, as they do here, it shows in the polish of the finished product. That they all worked so well together also reflects the skill of the director, and Hiller obviously did a fantastic job of creating an atmosphere in which his actors could excel. Rounding out the supporting cast are Don Francks (Sol), Jimmy Shea (Marty), Nathaniel Moreau (Kenny) and Diane D'Aquila (Madeleine). One of the great things about the video revolution is that terrific movies like this one, that for whatever reason go largely unnoticed in theatrical release, get a second life and with any luck the attention they so justly deserve. `Married To It' is a sleeper you should shout about from the rooftops; it's a well made movie with exemplary performances, a great story and a terrific ending. A film as good as this simply cannot be ignored, because this, my friends, is what movies are all about. This is one you have to see and tell your friends about. I rate this one 9/10.

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