Mars: One Day on the Red Planet


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rolfhu 6 / 10 / 10

Beautiful pictures, stupid high costs

I can understand we like to know more about Mars. But 2.5 Billion only for one mission is just stupid. The US is one of the biggest polluter in the world and not care about the environment on earth. Send all of them to Mars, maybe our world getting a better place.

Reviewed by larryallred 1 / 10 / 10

1 out of 3

I'm a sucker for space science. I can get past the misleading ads and bait and switch plotlines as long as it looks cool and I learn something. There are two things that ruined this one for me. One of the most important parts of any documentary is the narrator. I mean no disrespect to the fellow. I'm sure there's a good place for one who tries too hard to make the voice sound deeper, enunciates more harshly to make it seem more exciting and drones on so much that it takes away from the incredible imagery and discoveries. Then the "trend"... it started with America's Dumbest Criminals and has become a huge part of everything else. To break up a boring show add clips of people giving insight or opinion. They could be experts, wing-nuts, folks who have little or nothing to do with the program at all. Granted once in awhile there's a gem, a cute face, a tidbit of some sort, but a skillfully written and narrated documentary should hold your interest without having to resort to the latest tricks. Halfway through I started looking at my watch and taking breaks. Just before the end I turned off the sound. Those images are what I came for anyway, and they were great!

Reviewed by kweems-80046 1 / 10 / 10

Not very good & narrator sucks

Ok I could only handle a few minutes of the narrators weird monotone voice before I had to turn it off. Yikes they should have gotten a good narrator not some guy who speaks in a monotone voice that kinda cracks and stuff at weird times. Ugh.

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