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Reviewed by suchenwi 6 / 10 / 10

Historic exhibit

I agree that "Mary" is weaker in several aspects that "Murder!", although they were produced in parallel on the same sets, just with different actors. But from the cinematic history point of view, to have both versions (such parallel movies were made only in a short time frame c. 1930-33, between introduction of sound, and the availability of post-production dubbing) allows some insight in the cultural differences. I read somewhere that the German actors wanted more changes made, but Hitchcock refused. One was obvious for me: the dark secret of the lover was not that he was "half-caste" (Murder!), but "an escaped convict" (Mary). And there may be more subtle ones. For entertainment, just watch "Murder!" (which also has a German dub by now). For earnest study of the parallel producing of movies, watch "Murder!" and then "Mary" as double-feature ...

Reviewed by dbdumonteil 4 / 10 / 10

To drink or not to drink

The Hitchcock/Truffaut book,which is actually a very long interview ,something like "the Beatles anthology" in pop music ,gives us many interesting informations about "Mary" ,a movie the master liked.Although he told Truffaut he detested the whodunits ,those riddles a la Agatha Christie,"Mary" featured "things we did for the first time":stream of consciousness,play in the play a la "Hamlet" references to transvestism and even hints at (veiled) homosexuality,which was a "crime" in Great Britain as it was in Germany at the time.... That said,the story drags on a bit and the running time could have been boiled down to one hour,which would have enhanced the really good scenes: IT was Herbert Marshall's first talkie and the scene when he's shaving and thinking for a clue renews the way the detective investigates.The unfinished manuscript is also a very good idea.But the bravura passage remains the final circus.One can also note the scene of the verdict we hear from the empty juror's room. There are elements which would appear later in Hitchcock's work: the theater ("Stage fright",also a whodunit,btw),of course "Psycho" (a man in drag) and "vertigo" (the finale which makes you feel dizzy). This is another early Hitchcock which is not only for completists.

Reviewed by Zbigniew_Krycsiwiki 4 / 10 / 10

The Czechoslovakian rendition

For Hitchcock completists only, this German-language version of the same director's Murder! tells the same story on the same sets, but with different cast, as a juror questions the guilty verdict he helped come to. A few mildly amusing visual flairs are present here: jurors seated around a circular table. The camera pans along and we see a first juror held deep in thought; the next several are listening with rapt attention; until we arrive at one man who is clearly bored to tears with it all; a mild joke which was thrown in to the German version, not in the UK version. Brief glimpses (again) of cross-dressing, which Hitch later went back to, in a big way, with Psycho. Some early quick cuts are surprising, eleven cuts in a three seconds-long scene at the twenty three minute mark. Most unconventional at the time. Overall the movie is watchable, but not very involving, partly at least due to its lax pacing, and a verbose screenplay. Like its UK counterpart, however, it does pick up for its memorable climax.

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