Matching Hearts


Drama / Romance

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November 11, 2020



Debs Howard as Rebecca
Jessica Steen as Carolyn Miller
Ryan Paevey as Will Nash
Taylor Cole as Cara Reneau
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gtbullet 10 / 10 / 10

A Best Match

The two lead actors are so enchanting with each other that I lose site that they are following a script, and that this is a movie. It's so refreshing to be in a story that makes you feel so good about what you're listening to.

Reviewed by omijer 1 / 10 / 10

'Wishing for More Sparks

Matching Hearts was the first Valentine's Day movie this viewer watched this season..As with all Hallmark movies, there was anticipation of a sweet and believable romance. Sadly, this movie did not deliver.. While the premise of the story was very inviting and believable, the acting did not satisfy this viewer as much as it might have. Taylor Cole is stunning! She is one of the most beautiful of all the Hallmark actresses. Her face, her smile, her bright eyes are all dazzling. Her entire image is flawless..In this film, her wardrobe was so beautiful, so elegant, it was hard to take ones eyes off her. And she carries herself with enormous grace and sophistication. By contrast, her leading man, Ryan Paevey, was a let-down. His facial expressions were unvarying, almost wooden..His voice was without very much emotion. and it seemed as though he was struggling to convey feelings in the most dramatic of scenes. He is an exceptionally attractive man. No question. However, some ardor is missing, some passion is absent. It saddens this reviewer to offer a negative response to the movie..which had great, positive Valentine's messages to convey..On the most positive note, however, the fluffy dog that Taylor Cole was charmed by..stole so many of the scenes, it was enchanting to watch them together.. Too bad, the hero did not have the same impact.

Reviewed by greenbayrios 1 / 10 / 10


People giving this movie more than 1 star are ridiculous. Coming from a fan of both main actors this was horribly written and Taylor Cole disappointed greatly. Story line constantly contradicts itself. Hallmark get it together please.

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